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Window to Science.

The Window to Science is BENEO’s journal in which we share our research results, latest findings in nutrition as well as interpretations and discussions on physiology.
The 1st Edition (PDF, 2.1 MB) from the 1st European BENEO Scientific Symposium including new findings about energy metabolism of functional carbohydrates can be downloaded directly.
Please contact us to order one of the other editions either as print or PDF version.

Edition 1

  • 1st European BENEO Scientific Symposium: New findings about energy metabolism of functional carbohydrates
  • At a glance: BENEO functional carbohydrates
  • Outlook: The future of functional carbohydrates
  • Download here (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Edition 2

  • Weight Management - A galaxy in itself
    Calories, the yo-yo effect, obesity, satiety, insulin, carbohydrate intake, dietary fibres, physical exercise, ...
  • The EU Nutrition and Health Claims System EU, Japan, China and USA
  • BENEO-Institute: The new organisation around nutrition and food legislation

Edition 3

  • Slow Release Carbohydrates - The underestimated contribution to a good nutrition
  • Carbohydrates and their role in nutrition
  • PalatinoseTM and the new class of slow release carbohydrates
  • Physiological benefits of slow release carbohydrates

Edition 4

  • The human gut flora - Scientific perspectives on concept and benefits
  • Healthy human gut microflora - A refined concept
  • Gut flora and obesity
  • The effects of fructans on the gut microflora and associated health effects

Edition 5

  • Sugar in the blood - friend or foe?
  • The dietary fibre gap
  • Blood glucose - the fuel of the body. Its role in human health and ways of influencing it by dietary means
  • Dietary fibre recommendations and intake assessments on a global basis

Edition 6 - Special edition

  • BENEO ingredients and the European Nutrition and Health Claim Regulation
  • Positive EFSA evaluation for ISOMALT and PalatinoseTM

Edition 7

  • Review of the 2nd BENEO Scientific Symposium
    12 - 13 March 2012, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Functional carbohydrates and prebiotic fibres in science and legislation

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