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Catching today’s market trends and consumer needs.

Benefit from insightful market and trend monitoring, well-founded consumer research, ideas on the marketing of health benefits and innovative product concepts that perfectly suit today’s and tomorrow’s consumer needs.

Your eye on the market with BENEO monitoring & analysis

Our Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights team has dedicated experts in the most important food and beverages categories: dairy, confectionery, bakery, cereals, baby food, beverages, soups & sauces as well as meat & vegetables. With a wide range of tools, databases and reports at their disposal, market dynamics and key trends are closely followed and in-depth analyses are at customers' finger tips.

Sharp consumer insights from BENEO research

We firmly believe that an in-depth understanding of consumers beliefs is key to successfully deliver healthier products to the end user. That is why BENEO carefully listens to consumers by conducting our own extensive market research on an international level. The research results and exclusive insights are shared with our trusted customers; serving as a reliable source to further sharpen their knowledge on consumer’s drivers and to optimize their product communication.

Inspiring concepts for your products innovation and renovation

We help our customers translate the unique characteristics of BENEO ingredients into true benefits, in a straightforward consumer language. Our inspiring ideas offer new angles of product positioning towards the end consumer. Our vast and growing portfolio of concepts contains existing and successful products as well as new product development ideas; all based on insights in market drivers, trends and consumers' beliefs. All our concepts are substantiated by science, are technologically sound and come with a regulatory guideline.

Marketing expertise

Actively thinking with the customer and many years of experience in market intelligence and consumer insights make BENEO a unique and valued business partner.

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New research shows digestive health is key to wellbeing for European consumers

Quantitative consumer research, commissioned by functional ingredients manufacturer BENEO
New quantitative consumer research, commissioned by functional ingredients manufacturer BENEO, shows that consumers see digestive health as key to their health and wellbeing. The results also underline that breakfast is the prime time of day to provide digestive wellness solutions that meet the growing needs of today’s consumers.
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U.S. consumers: the right type of sugar is key to cope with health issues

Results of a recent study of 1,000 U.S. consumers show that sugars play a key role in consumer behavior when dealing with health concerns. Weight management, stress and fatigue are the top 3 concerns in order of importance.
The results also indicate that U.S. consumers are gaining a better understanding that not all sugars are alike. 6 out of 10 agree that the ideal sweetener has no rush and crash effect.
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