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Less fat, more texture

BENEO ingredients for less fat and creamy taste
Register here for a free webinar with consumer insights, tested recipes and inspiring concepts for your fat-reduced product innovations.
Consumers are increasingly looking for products with a better nutritional profile without sacrificing the indulgent experience of creamy texture and great taste.
Healthy products just have to taste good!
Our fat mimetic ingredients derived from natural sources can perform the function of full fat equivalents.
Download this technical paper and find out how BENEO’s rice starch and chicory root fibre inulin help to create healthy AND indulgent products.
Our ingredients offer clean label, non-GMO and fat-like creaminess as well as mouth-feel in fat-reduced products – a great choice for food and beverage producers who are interested in more healthy and balanced nutritional profiles.

Together we contribute to better nutrition and health

The expectations regarding nutritional choices and food functionalities have drastically grown during the last decades.
Consumers are actively choosing food products to maintain their well-being. Beyond that, the trend goes to products that match people’s individual lifestyles. The demand for convenience and easy-to-prepare food continues, while nutritional products have to meet an ever-growing variety of additional expectations. To name just a few, these include the reduction of sugar and fat without compromising on taste and texture, an increased dietary fibre intake, plus a need for healthy weight and performance management.
Farmers, breeders as well as livestock or pet owners on the other hand expect a higher nutritional quality from their feed products. They expect the nutritional products to give their animals the exact amount of nutrients they require.




We provide our customers and partners with scientific insights and help them in translating nutrition science into communicative nutritional messages. Read more


We support you on the relevant regulatory and labelling questions – both on a regional and a local market level. Read more
Application technology

Application technology

Our knowledge about applicability and impact of our ingredients on formulations and processes is of key value to new product innovations. Read more
Market insights

Market insights

We systematically observe consumer and market trends throughout the world and actively support you in tapping new markets. Read more
We are specialised in providing ingredients from natural sources that meet today’s nutritional expectations.
You can find BENEO ingredients in all kinds of food applications: from beverages to baby food, from dairy to bakery, from confectionary to cereals and from soups to sauces. We also supply ingredients for different kinds of animal nutrition – from cattle feed to cat food.
BENEO is your global partner catering to the latest trends and developments in food and feed. Together, we contribute to better nutrition and health. And with local branches all over the world, you always have a competent expert to talk to. Just contact us.

Dear business partners,
We have specifically designed this website for you in order to answer your particular information demands when it comes to developing or positioning your products. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, please.

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Event highlight

BENEO International Congress of Nutrition
20-23 October, Berlin/Germany
Estrel Convention Center
International scientists will present how consumers can follow a healthy lifestyle in all age periods. BENEO-Institute conducts a symposium on slow release carbohydrates and prebiotic fibres in low glycemic diets.

Andreas Herber – New member of the BENEO board

Andreas Herber BENEO board member
Andreas Herber is the new member of the executive board of directors at BENEO GmbH. He replaces Matthias Moser as of September 1, 2015. Reflecting on his new position, Andreas said: "I am convinced that BENEO will continue its sustainable, long-term growth, because it has the strong foundation of ingredients with scientifically proven benefits combined with expert knowledge that makes a significant difference to the market."

Sponsorship cooperation with high endurance athlete Stefan Schlegel

BENEO's next generation sugar Palatinose™ will support the cyclist athlete from Germany during tough endurance challenges.

Chinese website

chinese flag www.beneo.cn
Visit our website, which is dedicated to the Chinese market.
Visit www.beneo.cn