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Introducing the next level of carbohydrate functionality.

The intake of high amounts of high glycaemic carbohydrates (starches, maltodextrin, sucrose) seem to carry health risks on the long term. It is not only dental health, which is at stake here.
Many health conditions on the increase today, such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases may be diet related. This is even more important as carbohydrates make up 50-60% of the daily diet as recommended by WHO.
Today’s consumers expect food to contribute to their overall fitness. Increasingly they are aware of the role carbohydrates can play in terms of digestibility, caloric value, their glycaemic response or their ability to influence the use of fat or glycogen storages. BENEO functional carbohydrates are developed to help them manage their weight and their daily performance.
Consumers therefore seek for functional carbs that can help them manage their diet, be it for weight or for performance reasons. Carbohydrates differ quite a lot when it comes to digestibility which has an effect on their role in nutrition, e.g. when it comes to the caloric value, the glycaemic response or the ability to influence the use of fat or glycogen storages, an important fact in sports nutrition.
With Isomalt and PalatinoseTM BENEO offers two unique and healthy ingredients in the field of functional carbohydrates. 
Isomalt is the only sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar, which gives it a natural taste and sweetness while being kind to teeth. Furthermore Isomalt only has half the calories of beet sugar and offers a very low glycaemic response.
PalatinoseTM is the only fully but slowly digestible and low glycaemic carbohydrate. Due to the slow uptake it provides balanced and prolonged energy, reflected by a low and steady blood glucose response curve. PalatinoseTM is derived from sucrose and has a very mild natural taste while being kind to teeth.

Application examples

Isomalt is the world market leader in sugar replacement for sugar-free and toothfriendly hard candies. Beyond that, it is ideal for chewing gum coating or centres and also serves as a sugar replacer in chocolate, cereals and baked goods.
PalatinoseTM is ideal for sports nutrition thanks to its sustained energy supply and increased fat oxidation. Overall, it perfectly suits all sports, functional and wellness foods or beverages.

Nutritional benefits

Technical benefits

  • Creating a natural, sugar-like sweetness
  • Offering very low hygroscopicity
  • Producing a good mouthfeel
  • Prolonging shelf life
  • Providing colour & temperature stability
  • Resisting fermentation
  • Unique in using sugar beet as natural source for sugar replacement

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Palatinose BENEO
Palatinose™ – The only toothfriendly and fully digestible sugar.Click here

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