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Adding to a healthy digestion

A good digestion is vital for a healthy life as it helps our body to absorb all the nutrients it needs to run smoothly.
BENEO offers functional dietary fibres which help to improve digestive health, support weight management and enhance calcium absorption for bone health. 
While functional fibres occur in vegetables such as artichoke, asparagus, leek, onion and garlic, chicory root is a particularly rich source for these substances.
That’s why BENEO gently extracts its functional fibre range from chicory root. Besides the versatile and well known Inulin types, there is also Oligofructose which is derived from Inulin through enzymatic breakdown.  Synergy1 however is an inulin enriched with oligofructose and has shown positive effects on calcium absorption for bone health.

Application examples

Orafti® inulin is the ideal fibre additionally catering for the creamy texture and a smooth mouthfeel in low-fat yoghurts.

Nutritional benefits

Providing fibre enrichment
Helping bowel regularity
Enhancing calcium absorption to support bone health
Proven prebiotic
Reducing calorie intake

Technical benefits

Adding to full taste when replacing sugar / fat
Creating a natural, mild sweetness
Enhancing stability
Improving creaminess
Offering versatility due to high solubility
Prolonging shelf life

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