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Combining healthier snacking and indulgence

Today, anything can be considered a snack and consumers snack around the clock. Although taste is important, consumers are increasingly aware and mindful of what they eat. Foods with health benefits are in fact amongst the biggest rising stars within the food industry. One in five consumers is on the look-out for snacks boasting health benefits. The health hype has thus become a genuine trend that was picked up by all generations, though it is especially inspired by the younger generations.
Snacks are often solely associated with indulgence, so it is up to the food industry to rebut consumers’ prejudices, because choosing healthier alternatives should not require making compromises on taste. With BENEO’s functional ingredients, you help culture healthier habits from early morning till night by tending to the expectations on taste and healthfulness of all kinds of snack lovers. By optimising the recipe with the technical and physiological qualities of fibres, carbohydrates, rice starches and textured wheat protein, a grab-and-go solution is within reach.

The power of slow carbohydrates and proteins in energy-boosting snacks

The importance of energising snacks and claims figures amongst the top 10 key trends for 2017 (New Nutririon Business). This was shown by an increase of snacking claims with 17% in the segment of sports nutrition (Innova, 2017). A sporty lifestyle is on trend. Youngsters are in the lead when it comes to keeping up a sportive image, but they are also looking to cope with a busy lifestyle. This is reflected in their snacking behaviour: in Thailand, Brazil and Russia one in two 18 to 24 year olds tops up energy levels by snacking (FMCG Gurus 2016).Steady and sustained energy levels can be obtained with the smart carbohydrate power of Palatinose™ which can be tailored to fit the needs of the athlete, hobby athlete and lifestyle user. It is smart because it bends the blood sugar curve in a gentle way to noticeable, steadier levels.
As a consequence of the sports trend, also protein sales are booming. In the cereal segment protein claims increased with 24% (Innova, 2017). Next to carbohydrates, they are another well-known and essential source of energy. In this respect, BENEO offers a sustainable, high-quality supply of vital wheat gluten.

The phoenixes of the snacking aisle: cheese and meat snacks

In line with consumers’ quest for energy is their interest in proteins, and they want them to be of natural origin. This opens a window of opportunity for dairy and meat-based snacks, as was already illustrated by the success of product launches like jerky beef (New Nutrition Business, 2017).
Meat consumption has not slackened. On the contrary, in the U.S. meat consumption rose with 5% between 2014 and 2015 (New Nutrition Business, 2017). Worldwide, meat snacks are highly popular: 19% of Chinese conumers, 15% U.S. and 26% Nigerian eat meat snacks on a regular basis (FMCG Gurus, 2016). BENEO offers solutions in the shape of rice ingredients. They enhance processing and acid or thaw stability. Not only are they neutral in taste and appearance, but they have also been shown to improve yield in emulsified or injected meat applications.
Cheese is more than just a snack. It is a source of calcium, proteins and is low in lactose content. Consumers’ interest in cheese is rising as is evidenced by worldwide online searches. In the U.S. and Argentina, it is even the second hottest item on consumers’ snacking list (FMCG Gurus, 2016). When looking for a more considerate processed cheese or vegan cheese snack, BENEO offers a twofold solution. Firstly, with rice ingredients texture, creaminess, melt- and shredability of cheese can be improved. It also allows for casein replaced in vegan cheese. Secondly, with BENEO’s fibres fat levels can be reduced without any significant or noticeable impact on taste and texture.

Digestive delight in each bite or sip

The body hosts a culture of gut microbiota that contribute actively to digestive wellbeing and thus the host’s inner health. Digestion is a wellness matter. Consumer interest in the beneficial effects of dietary fibre has risen from 72 to 77% between 2014 and 2016 (HFI).
Orafti® functional fibres lend their qualities from the chicory root: they have been shown to promote normal bowel function, improve calcium uptake and even smoothen blood glucose levels. But the main reason they work, is that they taste good.
Orafti® functional fibres inspire foods with a digestive plus. They are an excellent addition to the most widely snacked foods: biscuits, yoghurt and bakery foods. They improve creaminess and spreadability of milk drinks, yoghurt and ice cream while imparting a delicately mild sweetness to confectionary, shortbreads, sponge cakes, cereal bars and many kinds of beverages.

Conscious snacking: free from guilt or artificial ingredients

Sugar, fat, lactose, gluten and E-numbers… Conscious snacking is being mindful about ingredient choices. The modern consumer closely follows up on what he eats: one in two West-European consumers often read the ingredient label of their foods (Digestive health research 2015-2016).
68% of West-European consumers are concerned about sugar content in children’s food. In the U.S. it is even the number one concern. As a matter of fact, replacing sugar is child’s play with BENEO’s fibres and carbohydrates. They enable naturally and mildly sweet bakery foods with extra crisp, creamy dairy creations and non-cariogenic hard candy, fudges, chewy candies, chewing gum, chocolates and fillings.
Other free-from foods, such as the former dairy-free or vegan products, have grown in relevance for all consumers, independent of whether they are vegan or intolerant. Free-from foods have become veritable lifestyle products that fit the flexitarian diet. In this respect, the carbohydrate Palatinose™ is particularly useful. Besides adding nutritional value to dairy alternatives, it also adds mouthfeel, similar to that of milk protein or maltodextrin.
To optimise the recipe of dairy-free drinks and chocolate, but also crispy, gluten-free and/or organic cakes, BENEO offers another range of clean solutions with specialty rice ingredients. They can be used to replace fat, artificial whitheners and gelatine in (bakery) fillings and dairy. Thanks to its creamy body and mouthfeel that is highly similar to the full-fat recipe, the difference in taste is hardly noticeable.

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