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BENEO-Institute at APCCN 2015

The 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia brings together nutrition experts from all over the world in order to exchange knowledge and to discuss the latest nutritional research results.
BENEO-Institute will participate to share our research and development knowledge in Blood Sugar Management and Health Benefits. We contribute a lunch symposium and to the scientific programme.

Our Contributions

BENEO lunch symposium

“Blood sugar Management”
27th January, 1 – 2 pm
  • Prof. Jeyakumar Henry
    Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, Singapore
    New Insights into the Health Effects of Low Glycaemic Carbohydrate Choices
  • Nicole Kellow
    Monash University, Australia
    Benefits of Prebiotic Inulin-Type Fructans for Blood Glucose Management
  • Dr. Stephan Theis
    BENEO-Institute, Germany
    Managing Blood Sugar - Opportunities for Functional Ingredients

Scientific Programme

“Cognitive Functions" (Symposium 4)
27th January, 2.30 – 2.55 pm
  • Prof. David Benton
    Swansea University, UK
    The Effect of Using Isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM) to Modulate the Glycaemic Properties of Meals and its Effects on Cognition and Mood
“Gut Health" (Symposium 7)
27th January, 3.50 – 4.15 pm
  • Prof. Glen Gibson
    University of Reading, UK
    Health Benefits of Prebiotics

Picture slideshow

BENEO sponsored a lunch symposium on blood sugar management. Three speeches were covered:
  • Jeya Henry (Singapore): “New insights into the health effects of low glycemic carbohydrate choices
  • Nicole Kellow (Australia): “Benefits of prebiotic inulin-ype fructans for blood glucose management”
  • Stephan Theis (Germany): "Managing Blood Sugar - Opportunities for Functional Ingredients"

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The Abstract Book
Read the abstracts summarising our contributions to this year‘s APPCN conference.      

PR Photo Release

See the snapshots (PDF, 285.87 KB) of the programme sessions.