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Benefit of low glycaemic diets.

We all want to get the most out of life, whether it’s about taking care of our family, a successful career or running a marathon, for example. Our modern life is often fast track, involving regular snacking moments and people tend to choose fast, easy options. Often, this type of food and drink is packed with highly digestible (high glycaemic) carbohydrates and fats, often resulting in disproportional daily calorie intakes and high blood sugar loads.
More and more consumers look for products that can help them to keep their blood glucose at a lower, more balanced level. This growing public awareness extends to calorie intake and the amount of sugar we consume.   
BENEO offers a refreshing approach to these consumers needs. Our functional carbohydrates and fibres are low respectively non-glycaemic and have a reducing or lowering impact on blood sugar levels.

Improving metabolism in specialised nutrition

A healthy diet is important for everyone. Even more so at the very beginning of life, during pregnancy and in senior age, or when facing a disease or metabolic disorder, getting the right nutrition needs special attention.
Largely overlooked is the carbohydrate quality and its influence on metabolism. Palatinose™ supports an improved metabolic profile for those who need the extra care: Balanced-out specialised nutrition carefully prepared by qualified nutritional experts.

Sugar in the blood – less is more

Foods with high levels of easy-to-digest (high glycaemic) carbohydrates cause a fast and high release of glucose which is absorbed into the blood. If foods with a lower glycaemic response are eaten instead, the sudden increase in blood sugar is reduced.
Health professionals increasingly make reference to the health benefits of a low glycaemic diet. The benefits do not just relate to a healthier metabolism, it is also commonly believed to help towards improved diabetes control, prevention of type 2 diabetes, lowered blood cholesterols, reduced risk of heart disease and weight management.
One of BENEO’s alternatives to traditional sugars is Palatinose™. It is a disaccharide with a unique glucose-fructose binding which takes more time to be broken down than sucrose does. Palatinose™ is fully available in the small intestine, but is hydrolysed 4-5 times more slowly, leading to a low glycaemic response and to lower insulin levels.
As an alternative or in addition, Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose effectively reduce the glycaemic response of foods by replacing sugar or other high glycaemic carbohydrates in food formulations while at the same time enriching those foods in fibre content, making them overall healthier products.
Finally, Isomalt can lower the blood glucose response. It is a sugar-free nutritive sweetener exclusively made from sugar and has a successful history of use in diets for diabetics. Even the replacement of only 30 g of sucrose by 30 g of Isomalt per day leads to significant improvement of long-term blood glucose levels and insulin resistance.

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New authorized Art. 13.5 health claim

New EU health claim on blood glucose management
Publication on 31st May: The Commission Regulation (EU) authorised a health claim on "lower blood glucose rise"
for Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose.
This confirms that our BENEO fibres contribute to a better blood glucose management as they support a lower rise in blood glucose response.

Sugar ups & downs – healthy low glycaemic solutions

A free webinar about balancing blood sugar levels and low glycaemic ingredients was broadcasted recently. It is still possible to view the recorded webinar.

Detailed information

To find out more on Blood Sugar Management, read our FREE paper.

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