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Latest webinars from our application technology experts.

Catering to the snacking generation

Snacks have become the new meal, a trend that is driven by Generation Z and the Millennials. Register for our webinar and get the ins & outs on consumer snacking habits and help bridge the gap between meals or satisfy consumers’ appetite for a responsible and yet delightful treat.
If you would like to watch the webinar in Spanish, please click here.
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Meaningful sugar replacement for tasty & healthier recipes

Sugar is a hot topic in the industry & consumer households. We share consumer insights and new recipes with you that combine great taste with healthier living. This webinar is available in Spanish and in English. Please select the webinar you like to register for by clicking the corresponding check box.
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Meaningful sugar replacement

Label cosmetics to reduce sugar are insufficient to help consumers in making a conscious choice.
In this webinar, we go beyond the label and look for a solution based on the glycaemic profile of foods.

Online summit on Sugar reduction

On 29 March 2017 the Sugar Reduction & Sweeteners Online Summit will take a close look at the market for reduced sugar and zero-sugar products and how to deal with some of the technical challenges of sugar reduction.

Remypure – BENEO’s new native rice starch

Naturalness and transparency are key for today’s consumers, who want to know what their food is made of. Clean label has moved past being a trend, it is the new rule. But most clean label starches do not perform as good as commonly used starches. BENEO now introduces Remypure, a new native clean label rice starch. Based on innovative technology, Remypure achieves functional properties and performance levels comparable to chemically modified food starches, without using any chemicals. This BENEO webinar shares market insights, research findings, recipe improvements and innovation concepts.

Wellbeing starts from within

BENEO_digestive-health-prebiotic fiber
This webinar shows new statistics on what consumers think about digestive health. It also explains how prebiotic fibre positively affects gut microbiota and improves regularity for a better overall wellbeing. To finish, creative product concepts and possible on pack health claims are shared.
Also available: technical paper about prebiotics and the healthy flora concept.

Reduce fat and keep the creamy taste!

BENEO Reduce fat and keep the creamy taste
This BENEO webinar shares market insights, research findings, recipe improvements and innovation concepts. Go for fat-reduced, natural products with 100% eating pleasure!
Also available: technical paper about great tasting fat replacing solutions, with Orafti® Inulin and BENEO Specialty Rice Ingredients.

Improving yield & profitability in meat applications

BENEO Webinar on meat applications
Improving yield and still deliver a meaty mouthfeel & texture is a challenge – doing so with good profits and a natural claim is a real achievement.
Our application technology experts tested several recipes and disclosed the results with a cost calculator in a recent webinar. Missed the live session? You can still listen to the recording, just register and use your unique access code.

Low glycaemic diet for balanced blood sugar levels

Webinar on blood glucose management
Consumer surveys show that the awareness for a healthy diet and lifestyle increases among consumers worldwide. Sugar content and carbohydrate quality are more and more in the focus.
BENEO offers smart ingredients to improve the carbohydrate quality of foods. Join us to learn more about different solutions to reduce the glycaemic properties of foods with high quality functional carbohydrates and fibres.

New avenues for shelf life and quality improvement of glazed and iced bakery products

BENEO new avenues for shelf life and quality improvement of glazed and iced bakery products
Glazings and icings on bakery products provide the sweet sensation and the visual appeal consumers love. But what if your glazing could do more? What if a small change in your recipe could help you improve the overall quality of your product or even extend your product's shelf life?

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