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Living up to the megatrends in nutrition.

Our clear focus on human and animal nutrition and long-term experience in the development, production and marketing of specialty nutrients enable us to provide much more than the actual ingredients for better and healthier nutrition. An international network of scientists and experts, backed up by our connection to the Südzucker group, cater for profound insights and valuable impulses for better food and feed products.
The prerequisite for your success in an increasingly demanding global market.

Profit from our expertise in...

Nutrition Science

Nutrition Science

BENEO Nutrition Science
The BENEO-Institute aims to give substantiated guidance on questions regarding physiology and nutrition. It is of utmost value to know how different kinds of food are metabolised and to understand the nutritional effects on peoples’ wellbeing and health. To continuously increase science based knowledge, we invest significantly in research and development in the field of nutritional science.
As a network of minds– we systematically share and evaluate relevant research results from academic experts in their field from all around the globe - for the benefit of our customers, and ultimately the consumer.
Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

BENEO Regulatory Affairs
The food and feed industry is continuously seeing a number of legislative changes. Ongoing communication with authorities, opinion leaders, industry associations and our network of specialists allows us to closely monitor and comment on the regulatory framework – both on a national and international level. This knowledge will not only help in complying with legislation, it is also of great value when tapping into new markets.
The experts of the BENEO-Institute proactively pursue the approval of ingredients and product claims in many countries of the world. They closely follow food legislation on a national and international level to support and consult you on the relevant regulatory issues.
Market insights

Market insights

BENEO Market insights
Anyone who wants to succeed must know exactly what consumers and markets need. This is why BENEO systematically observes nutritional, market and consumer trends throughout the world – and supports you in actively tapping into new potential markets.
Our tailored food ingredients are complemented by a strong insight into market developments and regularly conducted consumer research. In addition you can draw on a sound basis of experience when it comes to communicating innovative and functional products to the consumer.
Benefit from insightful market and trend monitoring, well-founded consumer research, ideas on the marketing of health benefits and innovative product concepts that perfectly suit today’s and tomorrow’s consumer needs.
Application technology

Application technology

BENEO Application technology
Knowing about the applicability and the impact that our functional ingredients have on formulations and processes, and how they behave in different matrixes is of key value to develop new food products and to stay ahead of the competition.
The BENEO-Technology Center underlines our technological food application know-how as well as our commitment to the success of our clients. It is equipped with state-of-the-art pilot equipment to test composition aspects, such as fibre enrichment, sugar- or fat-replacement, hypoallergenic benefits as well as taste and texture improvement. We also take care of formulation and recipe development, technical food concepts, on-site consultancy, process know-how and technical problem solving.
We can provide you with expert advice on all your questions concerning application technology within the sector of bakery, cereal, baby foods, beverages, confectionery, dairy and more.

BENEO-Institute – knowledge to connect nutrition and health.

The BENEO-Institute facilitates access to the latest scientific research and knowledge concerning physiology and legislation related to BENEO ingredients. With this BENEO supports food and drink manufacturers in innovations that are substantiated with nutritional science.

Food Matters Live 2017, London

“How to support health in middle age with functional carbohydrates and fibres”. Antje Jungclaus, Senior Manager Nutrition Communication from the BENEO-Institute will give her presentation on this topic at this year’s Food Matters Live in London on 22 November, 11:10.
Read more in our abstract (PDF, 102.27 KB)Food Matters Live website
News & Papers

Latest News, Papers and Research.

Market Insights

Catching today’s market trends and consumer needs.

News Archive

For US consumers, Non-GMO fibres are better

The leading US online magazine foodnavigator-usa.com covered BENEO’s US consumer research on fibre. Amongst various results the article stresses that consumers regard “chicory root fibre” as natural and not genetically engineered as soluble corn fibre or polydextrose. Also, the fact that our functional fibres are non-GMO is discussed.
Application Technology

Your technical partner to create optimised nutrition.

Benefit from our understanding of the applicability and the impact that functional ingredients have on formulations and processes. Our experts know how these behave in different matrixes and can advise you with the development of your products.

Support from experts in your field

Our expertise sections comprise valuable insights. The BENEO-Institute, for example, aims to give substantiated guidance on the industry’s most critical questions on physiology and legislation. The department of Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights does not only inform about market and consumer trends but also develops marketing concepts. Last but not least, the BENEO-Technology Center supports our partners and customers with profound application know-how. This way we can help you turn global megatrends – like healthy ageing, energy and weight management, digestive health and more – into successful food products.
Nutritional experts, marketers, regulatory professionals, technical food engineers and a competent sales force throughout the world enable the effective exchange of knowledge and ideas across geographical, market and discipline borders.
It’s the combination of advanced ingredients and expertise intertwined with access to a global network of experts, which makes BENEO a unique business partner.

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Inspiring product concepts

Concept Smile Toothfriendly Chocolate with Palatinose
Innovative product concepts translate our ingredients into true benefits in a straightforward consumer language.

Proven recipes

BENEO proven recipes
Our food application technologists worked out application concepts into concrete recipes after extensive testing on lab and pilot scale.


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