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Your technical partner to create optimised nutrition.

Benefit from our understanding of the applicability and the impact that functional ingredients have on formulations and processes. Our experts know how these behave in different matrixes and can advise you with the development of your products.

Tasty, innovative food thanks to proven recipe concepts

At the heart of our BENEO Technology Center is a team of dedicated food application technologists, driven to turn any food or beverage into optimised nutrition. Application concepts are worked out into concrete recipes that are shared with our clients after extensive testing on lab and pilot scale.
Nutritional improvements range from composition aspects like fat or sugar replacement, fibre enrichment and clean label formulations to health-related topics such as hypo-allergenic requirements. Of course, enhanced taste and texture are always an intrinsic part of the deal.

Convenient development with hands-on BENEO support

NPD and reformulation projects can be smoothly managed together with our international technical services team. A combination of their direct contact with the customer and the regional sales representatives ensures an optimal partnership including on-site consultancy in even the most challenging developments.

Shared & multiplied technical knowledge - an industries shared product

The BENEO technologists are valued contributors to provide in-depth lectures at industries forums on specialist issues. In addition, they maintain on-going, active partnerships with third party experts like universities, institutes and machinery suppliers. Being involved in the industries discussions and on top of the latest developments, makes BENEO the ideal team member for your innovation projects.
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Basic recipes

BENEO Hard boiled candy with Isomalt
Hard boiled candy (PDF, 134.9 KB) with Isomalt: Sugar-free, reduced blood glucose response and excellent shelf life

BENEO recipe Chocolate Flavoured Fibre Shake with Palatinose and Orafti HSI
Chocolate flavoured fibre shake (PDF, 156.52 KB) with Palatinose™ and Orafti® HSI: Reduced glycaemic response and high in fibre

BENEO recipe Energy Cookies with Palatinose and Orafti HSI
Breakfast cookies (PDF, 164.96 KB) with Palatinose™ and Orafti® HSI: High in fibres and reduced glycaemic response

BENEO recipe Cream Cheese with Orafti HPX and Remyline AX-DR
Cream cheese (PDF, 84.08 KB) with Orafti® HPX and Remyline AX-DR: Fat reduced, source of fibre, cost-effective solution

BENEO - Vanilla pudding with Orafti HPX
Vanilla pudding (PDF, 54.3 KB) with Remyline XS and Orafti® HSI: Sugar-reduced, source of fibre

BENEO recipe Dairy Chocolate Spread with Orafti HPX
Dairy chocolate spread (PDF, 96.62 KB) with Orafti® HPX: Clean label, source of fibre, excellent spreadability, premium solution for fat replacement