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Utilising the benefits of vegetable protein.

Most animals require protein for a healthy nutrition. The use of high-grade sources of vegetable protein offers a whole range of benefits.  
Vital wheat gluten is one of the most concentrated vegetable protein sources. It occurs naturally in all wheat and wheat-derived flours. As an important source of glutamine it contributes significantly to the development of the intestinal absorption surface
RemyPro is a concentrated rice protein source, with a biological value that is higher than most other plant nutrient sources.

Application examples

BeneoPro W is the brand name for vital wheat gluten by BENEO. As a safe, palatable and highly digestible protein source it is the ideal solution for the diet of young animals (piglets, calves, poultry). Furthermore it is a highly concentrated protein source for aquaculture and improves the technical characteristics of wet and extruded petfood.

Nutritional benefits

Enhancing nutrient absorption
Ensuring high digestibility with young animals
Replacing fishmeal
Providing for hypo-allergenic solutions

Technical benefits

Enabling higher dosages of oil in fish food (highly stable extrudate) 
Offering a sustainable alternative to animal-based proteins
Serving as an ideal binding material (visco-elastic properties)

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