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Multitude of starches – a reliable solution for every application need.

Our rice starch portfolio comprises both native and modified starches from different rice varieties (waxy, regular, organic), available in cook-up or instant forms.
By nature, rice starch is characterized by very small granules in the range of 2-8 μm, being much smaller than those of other cereals, tubers and roots, such as corn and potato. Its granule size is comparable to the size of fat globules, therefore ideally suited to mimic a full bodied fatty mouthfeel. It provides creamy textures and can serve as natural fat replacer.
The smaller rice starch granules allow to smoothen the surface of confectionery coatings. The neutraltaste and very white appearance make it an ideal ingredient for clean label coating.

BENEO Rice starches works very well in:

  • Babyfood jars
  • Baked goods and Bakery fillings
  • Confectionery coatings and Liquorice
  • Dairy desserts and Yoghurt
  • Dairy fruit preparations
  • Food coatings/ batters
  • Imitation cheese  alternatives
  • Organic infant meals
  • Soups and Sauces (UHT, cold, red, neutral)

Technical Benefits

Infant meals with excellent product stability
Vegetable and fruit based infant meals and jars with BENEO’s baby food rice starch show improved product stability in terms of viscosity, syneresis control and shelf-life. In addition, the small granule size creates a creamy texture without any effect on the end product’s taste or colour.
Unique textures in dairy products
Because of its unique pasting properties, rice starch can replace gelatine in dairy products. Starch from dedicated rice varieties gives rigid, yet smooth gel structures with nice melt-in-the-mouth qualities. Native solutions are also possible. Our wide range of native regular and native waxy rice starches gives manufacturers clean label solutions for the creation of tailor-made textures in both set- and stirred-type low-fat yoghurts, as well as non-fermented dairy desserts like pudding. Additional features are excellent product stability, improved glossiness and clean taste. Our waxy rice starch in low-fat dairy beverages gives a smooth texture with body and creaminess. In dairy fruit preparations, our clean-label and modified rice starches can create stability and a unique smooth structure - maintaining an excellent fruit flavour. In order to replace casein while maintaining firmness, shred-ability and melt-ability in imitation cheese, BENEO regular rice starch can be used alone or in combination with waxy rice starch.
Texture and stability of (gluten-free) baked goods
BENEO rice starch can fine-tune any texture of baked goods, no matter what the required profile is (hardness, crunchiness, brittleness, softness). Our pre-cooked waxy rice starch improves the crunchy bite of thin bakery products like cookies. Production losses arising from breakage during packaging, can be greatly reduced. Our waxy rice starches can improve the initial crumb softness and freshness of soft baked goods like cakes and muffins. In water-based bakery fillings, they can control moisture migration. In fat-based cream fillings regular rice starch can stabilize fat and reduce both fat and sugar.
We offer various ingredient types with different qualities and specifications (including organic and clean label options). Our experts are happy to help you identify the ideal solution to your specific application requirements. For details ingredients information, take a look at our Ingredient Finder.
Improving yield and juiciness of processed meat and vegetables
Thanks to its small granule size and low gelling temperature, BENEO’s waxy rice starch ensures good water binding performance at low process temperatures of about 70–80 °C. This makes it the perfect clean label ingredient to control yield and juiciness of meat, fish (shrimps) and vegetables (mushrooms) after vacuum impregnation or injection.
Beyond that, our native precooked and cook-up rice starches can easily reduce fat  in spreadable products like pâté thanks to its high contribution level to creaminess.
Imparting creaminess and stability to soups and sauces
BENEO’s rice starch portfolio contains high quality starches for soups and sauces, providing excellent stability under high temperature, in neutral and acid condition. At the same time, these starches can contribute to a very creamy texture and mouthfeel. BENEO offers a full range of rice starches (native and modified, cook-up and precooked, waxy and organic) excellent for improving the body and stability of savoury products with just the right ingredient.

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Rice starch characteristics compared to other starches

Rice starch characteristics compared to other starches

Nutritional benefits

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