1. Natural feed ingredients for healthy, high performant ruminants.

As much as 22.5 % of global compound feed production is intended for ruminants. This makes it the third most important feed sector worldwide. Whether it concerns mash, pellet or TMR (total mixed ration), modern feed needs to live up to requirements on accelerated production and the genetic growth potential of dairy cows as much as the rising demand for free-from GMO and more natural ingredients.

Balanced energy and sustained milk production with BeneoCarb S.

With BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses), an exceptional source of energy is within reach. This carbohydrate is the ingredient of choice for animals at risk of a disrupted energy balance. Thanks to its unique sugar profile – the presence of low-fermentable sugars – it supplies by-pass energy that can support high milk production in the earliest stages of lactation.

Nutritional benefits.

of BeneoCarb S
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  • Improved product and prevention of disease thanks to limited ash and potassium levels
  • High in energy
  • Fast sugar fraction, maximizing the production of microbial protein in the rumen
  • Slow fermentable sugars readily available for enzymatic digestion in the small intestine (by-pass sugar) of the cow

Functional carbohydrates: a highly palatable attractant.

BeneoCarb S is a sweet molasses. Its good flavour profile can stimulate total feed intake. Research even showed that BeneoCarb S attracts dairy cows more often to the milking robot.
Thanks to its very low viscosity, it can easily be applied to various types of feed (pellet, mash or TMR). In addition, it possesses good binding properties, making it a good pelletising aid.

Technical benefits.

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  • Improved organoleptic profile
  • Attractant to the milking robot
  • Good pelletizing aid
  • Easily mixed in various types of feed

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