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They say that three is stronger than one
and this is true when it comes to BENEO.

Since 2007, three companies: Orafti, Palatinit and Remy have been working
together as one. Known simply as BENEO, the company produces functional
ingredients derived from chicory roots, beet sugar, rice and wheat and focuses
on catering to the latest trends in food, feed and pharma. The basis for the
success was laid long before.

  • Beneo
  • Palatinit
  • Orafti
  • Remy

Beneo´s Timeline



BENEO barge investment to cut CO2 emissions by 20%

Investment of over €100m into production sites in Chile and Belgium

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BENEO's ingredients contribute to a good digestive health
Opening of regional application centre in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Opening of new production plant for vegetal protein in
Wanze, Belgium

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BENEO produces organic inulin from chicory roots

BENEO’s chicory root fibres are listed as “approved dietary fibres” by the U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
Opening of regional application centre in Parsippany, USA.

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EU health claims for BENEO’s chicory root fibres ”inducing a lower blood glucose response” to be added as 2016 milestone.
Launch of functional native rice starch range, Remypure.
Opening of regional application centre in Tienen, Belgium.
Foundation of regional sales office in India.

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BENEO’s inulin receives exclusive 13.5 EU health claim for promoting digestive health.

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Completion of capacity expansion across all sites.
Launch of new biomass boiler in Pemuco, Chile as a major step in sustainability.

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Divestment of the glue business, and focus mainly on food and feed market.

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BENEO Toothfriendely snacking opportunities with Isomalt

Foundation of the BENEO-Technology Center to support with expertise relating to application technology.
Start of capacity expansion across all production sites.
EU health claims for ISOMALT and Palatinose(TM) for being toothfriendly and low glycaemic.

timeline foundation


Foundation of BENEO Inc. in Morris Plaines, USA

timeline foundation


Foundation of the BENEO-Institute facilitating access to the latest scientific research and knowledge across all nutritional and regulatory topics related to BENEO ingredients.
Start of selling gluten to food and feed industry and entry to the plant-based protein business.

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Palatinose™ received toothfriendly US health claim.

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Foundation of BENEO and merger of three business units with sales into food, feed and pharmaceutical industries.
Launch of BENEO Animal Nutrition.
Merging of BENEO’s regional sales offices in Singapore, Latin America and Spain.

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Start of production of chicory root fibre in Pemuco, Chile.

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Launch of galenIQ, the pharmaceutical grade of ISOMALT, and inclusion into U.S Pharmacopoeia (USP) and National Formulary (NF).


Remy – opening of new production plant for rice flour in Confienza, Italy

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Launch of Palatinose™, the next generation carbohydrate.

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Large scale capacity expansion at the production site in Offstein, Germany.

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The BENEO™ Label Programme initiative promoted BENEO and the benefits of Synergy1 a Prebiotic Fibre on end products.


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