Sales Campaign 1/19: Functional fibres for improved Inner Wellbeing and Quality of Life

Welcome to BENEO’s first LIVE chat day on 19th March !

During the Regional Workshops, all members of our sales organisation have been informed about the bones of this years’ first sales campaign on INNER WELLBEING. Following on from that, since beginning of March, you have had access to all the campaign material on BENEOnet.

In this LIVE chat day, our experts offer you the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate answers about anything and everything related to this campaign topic. Take your chance and dive into the subjects on specific consumer insights, regional recipe developments , particulars on health benefits and claims.

Our experts are available for the entire day but will take the occasional small break for bio & lunch needs. Depending on how busy the chatroom will be, you might have a wait a bit longer. But while you wait for your answer, you can follow up on what answers were provided for other people’s questions.

The entire list of questions and answers will be made available on BENEOnet. The more you ask, the richer this document will be. We hope you’ll help us create a fantastic log of interesting facts!

In the morning:

08:00h to 10:00 CEST (Answer within 15 min)

10:00 to 12:00 CEST (Answer within 3 min)

In the afternoon:

13:00 to 16:00 CEST (Answer within 3 min)

16:00 to 19:00 CEST (Answer within 15 min)

Your live experts of today

Name Myriam Snaet
Function title Head of Market Intelligence & Consumer Insights
Chatroom Abbreviation MiCi MST
Name Theresa Bagus
Function title Manager Nutrition Communication
Chatroom Abbreviation RANC TBS
Name Isabel Trogh
Function title Customer Technical Support Manager
Chatroom Abbreviation CTS ITH
Name Katrien Lambeens
Function title Product Manager Functional Fibres
Chatroom Abbreviation PM KLN
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