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"Beyond calorie counting" – BENEO-Institute at FENS 2015

The 12th European Nutrition Conference brings together nutrition experts from all over the world in order to exchange knowledge and to discuss the latest nutritional research results. BENEO-Institute will conduct a satellite symposium to share our latest research in Blood Sugar Management and Health Benefits. International experts in the field will provide new insights into metabolism steering and which ingredients have evidence and pave these new avenues.

BENEO symposium programme

“Slow release carbohydrates and prebiotic fibres: smart ingredients for balanced blood sugar levels”
Chaired by Prof. Jeyakumar Henry and Dr. Stephan Theis
Thursday, 22 October, 4:30 - 6 pm
Room 3 – ground floor
Prof. Jeyakumar Henry
Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, Singapore
"The role of low glycemic diets on physiological and metabolic outcomes"
Prof. Andreas Pfeiffer
Charité University Hospital, Germany
"Metabolic benefits of Palatinose™ related to gut hormone induced metabolic responses"
Prof. Patrice D. Cani
Belgian Fund for Scientific Research, Belgium
"How prebiotic fibres work in gut microbiota, glucose metabolism and metabolic disorder"

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12th European Nutrition
Conference, Berlin/Germany
22 October, 4:30 - 6pm

Estrel Convention Center
Room 3 - ground floor 

Abstract Book

Read the abstracts summarising our contributions to this year‘s FENS conference.      
Download Abstract Book (PDF, 2.63 MB)

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