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FiE 2022: Investing in your plant-based future.

Are you ready to take off with the power of plants?

Discover solutions on meat- & fish-free, proven prebiotics, tap into the clean label trend with organic ingredients, go for a better digestive health with prebiotic fibres and explore new solutions for protein enrichment with faba bean.

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Join the vegan live cooking.


At the forefront of the vegan cuisine, we find a passionate chef with a delicate technical finesse in gastronomy. In collaboration with the BENEO Technology Centre, the award-winning Belgian Chef Pieter-Jan Lint conjures vegan dishes to remember. Read more about his vegan dishes in this blog article.

A match made in heaven between the technical functionality of rice ingredients, chicory root fibres and textured wheat protein. Simply good food with a limited impact on the environment.

Be there when Pieter-Jan Lint prepares delicious dishes live at our booth.


Cashew Canapé

Italian flatbread topped with cashew spread and fresh garnish.

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Tacos sin Carne

Tacos sin carne fusion-style spiced with chili and Italian herbs made with wheat protein.


Liberty Cheesecake

Fresh vegan cream cheesecake with Belgian speculoos and dulce sin leche.


Ben & Olli’s Rice Dream

Indulgent vegan vanilla ice cream with rice ingredients and fibres. Topped with hazelnut crumble.

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Clean label with organic solutions.

Clean label with organic solutions

With a broad portfolio of organic rice flour and starches, you open the world of organic (dairy-free) food formulations by adding a smooth, creamy or yet crunchy texture to your soups and sauces, breakfast cereals, yogurts, beverages, cookies, infant meals, fruit preparations and many more.

BENEO’s Orafti® Organic is a carefully cultivated organic variant of its popular chicory root fibre. It is grown and harvested in close proximity of the production site in Oreye, Belgium. Orafti® Organic fibres have all the same benefits and technical features as conventional Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose.

Organic chicory root fiber and organic waxy rice starch

One-pager: Organic chicory root fiber and organic waxy rice starch.

Orafti® Organic is a carefully cultivated organic variant of its popular chicory root fiber. For our waxy rice starch, organic techniques are adopted from seed to milling and bulking.


Meat- & fish-free solutions.

Meat- & fish-free solutions

Plan(t) the future with options that feed the body and mind of the modern consumer. Get inspired by rice, wheat and faba bean, which cater to the consumers’ growing interest in vegan and veggie products. Thanks to their texturizing properties and quality protein content, you will innovate dairy-free and meat-free alternatives that fly off the shelve. Based on the latest figures from Euromonitor, we can expect the market for meat-free and fish-free products to grow by more than 10% CAGR over the next five years.

Now, BENEO teamed up with Meatless B.V, a Dutch company in the field of these plant-based texturizing solutions. Explore their plant-based solutions.


Meatless chicken chunks – Texture and juiciness all in one bite.

This ready-to-use meat like alternative contains plant proteins as well as mycoproteins and has a protein content of around 13%. The hydrocolloid technology behind it delivers an excellent texture, has a low footprint and is easily scalable. Intrigued? Contact sales@meatless.nl for more info!

Vegan products with BENEOPro W-Tex

In-depth information about meat alternatives.

Create tasty & satiating vegetarian products such as burgers, nuggets & sausages with BENEOPro W-Tex.

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Beyond digestive health with prebiotic fibres.

Digestive health with prebiotic fibres

A good digestion is vital for a healthy life. It helps our body to absorb all the nutrients it needs to run smoothly. A healthy digestive system in turn requires sufficient dietary fibre intake.

Our Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose are extracted from chicory root and can bring your products to a fiber-enriched status. They nourish your colon micro flora – add a prebiotic plus.

Prebiotic dietary fibres and improved digestive health

Prebiotic dietary fibres and improved digestive health.

To maintain a well-balanced micro flora, the beneficial bacteria in our large intestine have to outnumber the pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to promote the growth of ‘good’ bacteria.
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Faba bean for protein enrichment.

Faba bean for protein enrichment

Chose our faba bean ingredient as a more sustainable solution for protein enrichment. Pulses help reduce greenhouse gas emissions at farm level. For example, faba beans provide nitrogen by themselves and subsequent plants so that nitrogen fertilisation is not necessary.

Besides plant-based protein enrichment, BeneoPro FB comes with a variety of technical advantages. For example, it can be used for egg replacement in muffins and allows for smooth homogenous dairy-free beverages.

Protein enrichment with highly soluble BeneoPro FB

Paper: Protein enrichment with highly soluble BeneoPro FB.

Explore our range of faba bean protein concentrate and faba bean starch-rich flour. Faba protein has good emulsifying, foaming, thickening and binding properties.


Plants, a good base for future food.

Plants, a good base for future food

Many consumers feel increasingly encouraged to include plant-based meals into a more varied menu. The reasons are health-related and linked to sustainability and animal welfare. Develop plant-inspired recipes that are simply delicious.

With rice ingredients, chicory root fibres, functional carbohydrates and proteins, you bring out pure flavours and exciting textures.

Flexitarian-inspired, plant-based solutions

Flexitarian-inspired, plant-based solutions.

Cater to consumers’ growing interest in vegan and veggie products. Explore texturizing properties and quality protein content, you will innovate dairy-free and meat-free alternatives that fly off the shelve.

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Prototypes for tasting.

Create plant-based products with rice, wheat, fibres and faba bean. Thanks to their texturizing properties and nutritional qualities, you can innovate with tasty products that will fly off the shelve in no time! Let BENEO help you to bring your product innovation to the next – scrumptious – level!


Plant-based muffin

Faba bean protein can be used for egg replacement in muffins, while Orafti® Oligofructose is replacing milk powder to obtain a delicious plant-based solution.


Rice-based coffee creamer

A dairy-free creamer can lift your coffee by adding colour, flavour and a full-bodied mouthfeel to each warm and comforting sip.


Plant-based cocoa bar

Rice powder is used as a milk powder replacement to create a delicious dairy-free cocoa bar with pleasant taste, good snap, smooth mouthfeel and a good melting behaviour.

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