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BENEO-Institute says "thank you FNCE® for the great interest in gut microbiota!"

Over 10.000 nutritionists gathered in Boston from 15-18 October for their yearly convention, organized by the AND (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). With the key theme being Gut microbiota matters, do you know how to influence it? the BENEO-Institute was spot on as confirmed by many lectures around this topic and a strong interest at the booth. Also the specific media briefing called for high attention with many editors, writers and journalists wanting to know more about prebiotic fibers and their effect.
Digestive health and what it means for overall health is on the mind of the nutrition community as well as in consumer's minds with more then 60% of US consumers concerned about maintaining a healthy digestion. Learn more about gut microbiota and the role of prebiotic fibers in the paper and scientific references below!

Chicory Root Fibers - supporting a healthy gut microbiota and beyond

Our white paper shows how chicory root fibers are supporting digestive health and well-being. A vast number of microbes live within us, making up the human microbiota. In recent years, a growing number of research studies have focused on the link between these microbes and our health. It became clear that the role of our gut microbiota has reached importance far beyond gut health. Learn what makes prebiotic chicory root fiber special.
Download (PDF, 3.88 MB)

Chicory root fiber meets the gold standard

When it comes to the importance of dietary fiber intake for healthy nutrition, public awareness has been steadily growing over the last decades. Today, more than 60% of the US consumers are very concerned about maintaining a healthy digestion. While still lacking a sufficient fiber intake, over 70% of American consumers actively try to consume more.
Download (PDF, 431.45 KB)

Key references related to the physiological benefits of BENEO Chicory Root Fibers

An overview of the most relevant physiological aspects and benefits of chicory root fibers is provided with this document, along with the most pertinent publications (human studies) supporting these effects.
Download (PDF, 348.49 KB)

What comes next? – Sneak preview FNCE® 2017

Prebiotic fibers from chicory root are our focus at FNCE® 2016, however there is much more at BENEO to learn about functional carbohydrates, such as the unique Palatinose™ - a fully available carbohydrate for slow and sustained energy release.
An overview of the most relevant publications on the physiological properties of Palatinose™ is given in the key references: Download (PDF, 303.97 KB)
  • Nutrafoods: Innovative low-glycaemic carbohydrates: an update: Link to publication (external)
  • British Journal of Nutrition: Novel findings on the metabolic effects of the low glycaemic carbohydrate isomaltulose (Palatinose™): Link to publication (external)
  • NutraCos: Carbohydrate quality in blood sugar and weight management: Crossing boundaries with "good sugar" and prebiotic fibres: Link to publication (external)

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Learn how natural chicory root fiber tastes

Prebiotin makes a variety of formulas designed to support a healthy nutrition. Each formula will improve the bacterial mix in your colon using inulin and oligofructose.