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Utilising the benefits of vegetable protein.

Most animals require protein for a healthy nutrition. The use of high-grade sources of vegetable protein offers a whole range of benefits.
Vital wheat gluten is one of the most concentrated vegetable protein sources. It occurs naturally in all wheat and wheat-derived flours. As an important source of glutamine it contributes significantly to the development of the intestinal absorption surface.
RemyPro is a concentrated rice protein source, with a biological value that is higher than most other plant nutrient sources.

Application examples.

BeneoPro W is the brand name for vital wheat gluten by BENEO. As a safe, palatable and highly digestible protein source it is the ideal solution for the diet of young animals (piglets, calves, poultry). Furthermore it is a highly concentrated protein source for aquaculture and improves the technical characteristics of wet and extruded petfood.

Nutritional benefits.

  • Enhancing nutrient absorption
  • Ensuring high digestibility with young animals
  • Replacing fishmeal
  • Providing for hypo-allergenic solutions

Technical benefits.

  • Enabling higher dosages of oil in fish food (highly stable extrudate)
  • Offering a sustainable alternative to animal-based proteins
  • Serving as an ideal binding material (visco-elastic properties)

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