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Naturally-sourced feed ingredients for healthier animals.

Improve the technical and nutritional functionality of various kinds of pet food, compound livestock feed and feed specialties with our naturally sourced ingredients.  Through a network of scientists and technical engineers, BENEO is dedicated to building the bridge between nutrition and health in support of healthier and more performant livestock and pets.

Our feed ingredients are derived from the sugar beet, chicory root, rice and wheat. Thanks to being produced in our fully owned state-of-the-art food facilities, they comply with the same quality and safety standards as our food range. By keeping our production in-house we can ensure the highest quality standards and remain flexible, efficient and fully in charge of delivery times.

Find out about their nutritional and technological benefits for your species.

Our range of functional feed ingredients.

Animal Nutrition


  • Improved gut microbiota and digestive health
  • Higher mineral absorption
  • Supported mucosal immune system
  • Weight control in pets
Animal Nutrition

Functional Carbohydrates

  • Highly palatable
  • Balanced glycaemic response (more slowly released sugars)
  • Prolonged energy supply
Animal Nutrition

Specialty Rice Ingredients

  • Clean label
  • Highly digestible and hypo-allergenic
  • Favourable amino acid profile
  • High-quality filler-binder
BENEO Functional Proteins from Wheat


  • Sustainable and rich source of vegetal protein
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Excellent digestibility and composition
  • Superb binder for optimised feed production

A trusted partner.

By closely monitoring the global regulatory framework and actively investing in research and development, we create sound nutritional messages and safe animal nutrition.

A trusted partner.

Our values as a feed ingredient supplier for pets, aqua, pigs, ruminants and poultry.

By closely monitoring the global regulatory framework and actively investing in research and development, we create sound nutritional messages and safe animal nutrition.

Solutions for all kinds of animals.

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BENEO Animal Nutrition Brochure
Brochure: Natural ingredients for healthy piglets.

Optimal, natural feed solutions for healthy piglets: all about the functionality of vegetable proteins, prebiotic fibres, highly digestible carbohydrates and rice proteins.


BENEO brochure aquafeed
Brochure: Natural ingredients for sustainable aqua feed.

All about technical pellet optimisation with vegetable proteins, prebiotic fibres and functional starches, prioritising growth rate and overall health.


BENEO Poultry Brochure
Brochure: Orafti® fibres for modern poultry production.

All about the feed ingredient that supports gut health, immunity, chick development and overall bird performance.


Brochure: Natural ingredients for healthy pet food
Brochure: Natural ingredients for healthy pets.

All about nutritious and technical ingredient solutions for healthy, happy pets.


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