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World Diabetes Day, 14th November – ‘Family & Diabetes’.

This year’s World Diabetes Day is raising awareness of the effect diabetes has on the family. Healthy nutrition has an important part to play in helping to reduce the terrible impact of diabetes on families around the globe. As an industry, it’s therefore essential for us to help consumers follow a low glycaemic diet from as early on as possible. Ingredients such as BENEO’s chicory root fibres, inulin and oligofructose, slow release carbohydrate isomaltulose (Palatinose™) and sugar replacer Isomalt can help to lower the blood glucose response. Manufacturers and retailers alike can encourage consumers to choose products that will help them prevent the onset of diabetes, as well as support the management of the disease, to the benefit of families around the world.


Chicory root fibres for sugar-reduced high-fibre cereal pops



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