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Healthier carbohydrates, healthier living.

Healthier carbohydrates, healthier living.

Living a healthy and balanced life every day goes hand in hand with the foods we choose.


Capacity increase at Wijgmaal rice starch plant.

Capacity increase at Wijgmaal rice starch plant.

BENEO invests €50 million in increasing capacity at its Wijgmaal facility, catering for rising customer demand for its rice starches.


BENEO expands portfolio with new organic ingredients

BENEO expands portfolio with new organic ingredients.

With the launch of the new additions, the organic waxy rice starch Remyline O AX DR, and organic chicory root fibre Orafti®Organic, BENEO strengthens its position as market leader.

Trending: Transparency aids better food choices.

Give green light to a healthier lifestyle with better food choices.

Build consumer trust and brand loyalty by using quality ingredients that can improve better food choices. Follow our webinar and check papers, recipes and market insights to find inspiration.

Scientific study: Slow release carbohydrate Palatinose™ supports weight loss

Scientific study: Slow release carbohydrate Palatinose™ supports weight loss.

A scientific study has shown that BENEO’s slow release and low glycaemic carbohydrate Palatinose™ supports additional loss of body weight and fat mass in overweight and obese adults, when replacing sucrose in a weight loss diet.


BENEO – Together we contribute to better nutrition and health.

The expectations regarding nutritional choices and functionalities of food have drastically grown over the last decades.

BENEO is your global partner in catering to the latest trends and developments in the food and feed industry. Together, we contribute to better nutrition and health. And with local branches all over the world, you always have a competent expert to talk to. Just get in touch.

Consumers actively choose foods that contribute to their well-being. Even more, products that match their individual lifestyles are on trend. As the demand for convenient and easy to prepare food continues, the expectations on nutrition also continue to grow. To name just a few, these include the reduction of sugar and fat without compromising on taste and texture, increased dietary fibre intake, plus a need for healthier weight and energy management.

Farmers, breeders as well as livestock or pet owners on the other hand foster increasingly higher expectations on the nutritional quality of their feed products. They expect targeted feed, aqua and pet food that provides their animals with the right amount of nutrients.

BENEO’s ingredients can be applied to a wide variety of food applications: from beverages to baby food, bakery, confectionery, cereals, soups and sauces. We also supply ingredients for different kinds of animal nutrition, ranging from cattle feed to cat food.

BENEO’s naturally ingredients for food, feed and pharma.

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Essential ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.

More about Functional Carbohydrates

Introducing the next level of carbohydrate functionality.

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Perfecting texture without compromising on health.

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Plant protein rising to the challenge.

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Prebiotics from chicory root supporting digestive health.

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Slow-release carbohydrates improving palatability.

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Clean-label source of highly digestible energy and protein.

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High-quality Vital Wheat Gluten.

galenIQ the smart pharma excipient

galenIQTM: the sweet pharmaceutical excipient.

galenIQTM (Isomalt Ph.Eur., USP-NF, BP, JP) is the easy to use soluble filler binder that also makes your tablets taste great!

Intense Sweeteners, the healthy and save sugar alternative.

Intense Sweeteners – the healthy and safe alternative.

Learn about the main properties of particular intense sweeteners and clarify the difference between sweeteners, sugar replacers and nutritive sweeteners. You can find the relevant EU-regulation guidelines as well as a list of the particular ADI-values on this page.

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Improve consumer food choices & gain brand loyalty.

Consumers want better products for a healthy lifestyle. What do they look for and how can simple on-pack messages help them make better food choices?

BENEO Fibre up your inner wellbeing with prebiotics

Inner wellbeing is all about feeling good.

Under a curative and preventative point of view, Gut Health is important to consumers for a wide range of incentives. Steve Walton (Health Focus International) shows different consumer segments to connect with them all.

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