Ingredients: free-from gluten, meat, dairy, fat, sugar,…

For different reasons, people are increasingly aware of the impact a balanced diet can have on their wellbeing. Consumers today take a critical look at food content and the detailed ingredient list. More than ever, they search for honest, clean labelled products; and as such are triggered by words such as “non-GMO”, “natural”, “free-from”, “no added sugar” and “plant-based”. Both the quality and origin of ingredients is important to them.

We offer functional ingredients and innovative product concepts that support all kind of healthy lifestyles. From chicory-root fibres, via sugar-beet based, slow carbohydrates to gluten-free rice derivatives and wheat or faba bean sourced protein for great taste and texture as well as nutritional enrichment. Our ingredients have one thing in common: they are all sourced from nature and can all be labelled as food (not additives).

Gluten-free – challenged no more

Consumer research shows that the group of people who buy gluten-free is steadily growing. While part of them is actually diagnosed as sensitive, an increasing number deliberately chooses a gluten-free diet, simply because they consider it to be better for them.

Rice and faba bean protein can be viable nutritious options in a gluten-free diet. The faba bean starch-rich flour contains ~ 60% of carbohydrates and the faba bean protein concentrate offers ~ 60% protein. Rice has a high carbohydrate content of ~ 78%, is easy to digest and contains a good amount of gluten-free proteins of ~ 7% – on top, it is hyo-allergenic. BENEO faba bean and specialty rice ingredients are by nature free from gluten and lactose.

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Clean label solutions

Orafti® Inulin and Orafti® Oligofructose are plant-sourced from Chicory via a hot-water extraction process which does not essentially change the molecular structure or composition of the native elements, nor are solvents (other than water) used to gain inulin out of the chicory root.

Rice starch by BENEO is produced by wet-milling: a gentle extraction process that does not fundamentally change the molecular structure or composition of the native starch. BENEO regular rice starch provides a high level of whiteness in confectionery coatings; it is a natural alternative to artificial colouring or opacifying agents.

PalatinoseTM is an isomaltulose that is derived from a natural plant source, sugar beet. While being present in honey, it is produced on a commercial scale from sucrose by a non-GMO enzyme that shifts the binding within the sugar molecules into a more stable linkage that leads to its unique physiological characteristics. These are naturally occurring biological processes.

Faba bean protein is a clean label, non-GMO ingredient. The BeneoPro FB range only takes a few simple processing steps, that do not require any water usage, thus contributing to less natural resource wastage. After a first step of dry fractionation, the beans are dehulled, milled and after air classification, high quality FB protein concentrate and starch rich flour are obtained.

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Sugar-free, obviously

Our functional carbohydrate, Isomalt, is a naturally derived sugar replacer. It replaces sugar cup by cup and is well-known for its major role in sugar-free, calorie-reduced confectionery. Isomalt has only half the calories as sucrose (2 versus 4 kcal/g*) and fits well in low-glycaemic diets – an interesting point when managing diabetes, overweight or cardiovascular diseases.

BENEO fibres have about 30% of the natural sweetness of sucrose, giving just a mild sweet taste to foods & beverages. Orafti® Oligofructose and Orafti® HSI are often used in calorie- and sugar reduced fruit preparations for yoghurts or in the binding syrup for fibre-enriched cereals. While sugar contains 4 kcal/g, Orafti® Oligofructose contains just 1,5 kcal/g* at most.

BENEO rice starch can reduce sugar in fat-based fillings and as such, improve the nutritional composition of bakery products.

* Regulations for nutritional labelling of calories vary from country to country.

Fat-free, naturally

Low-fat products made with Orafti® Inulin offer similar body and mouthfeel as the original full fat versions. Just one big difference: full eating pleasure for less calories!
Rice starch by BENEO have the same granule size as fat globules; as such, they are ideally suited to mimic a full bodied fatty mouthfeel in low-to-no-fat products. BENEO rice starch and flours provide creamy textures and can serve as natural fat replacers.

Non-animal derived proteins

Textured wheat protein, BeneoPro W-Tex, has a nice neutral taste and minced meat-like texture after hydration, which makes it suitable also for meat analogues. Our rice starch, Remyline AX DR, can partially replace meat as well as other functional non-meat ingredients. It is a cost-effective solution for healthier and tastier meat products. In addition, vital wheat gluten, BeneoPro VWG, is a good alternative to traditional vegetable proteins. It provides a texture that is very similar to meat and can be used in products as a replacement for red meat, poultry and seafood.

BeneoPro FB can replace egg or milk in vegan muffins as it optimises the texture, whilst still delivering similarly on taste and firmness as the non-vegan market reference. Also, thanks to its high solubility, it is an ideal ingredient to boost the protein levels in a dairy-free fruit smoothie; keeping the drink homogenous (without bottom residue).

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