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Trends in the spotlight.

With a dedicated market intelligence and consumer insights team, BENEO continues to keep a watchful eye on the most relevant nutritional trends for its growing business. Every year, we put a few trends in the spotlight, giving it all our attention for a dedicated promotional period.

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With every promotional focus topic, we aim to marry up the latest trends in the food & drinks business with the best solutions our functional ingredients have to offer. As such, we hope to inspire the product developers with new recipes, concepts, health claims and consumer research data. Not to forget the wealth of nutritional research we have gathered over the years. Please explore what we have on offer and feel assured you can rely on our experts to join you in your path to your next successful new product launch!

Awaken your senses, naturally.

Enjoying and connecting through good food is one of the binding factors that people around the world have in common. The importance of shared experiences is invaluable for relationships, and people will always find ways to afford their indulgent moments through food. 

Bringing prebiotics to the table.

Take fibre enrichment to the next level! Inulin and oligofructose from chicory root are the only scientifically proven plant-based prebiotics on the market. Check out why prebiotics are so trendy with consumers and how your product innovation should take it into account.

Positive ageing for 50+.

By 2050, 2.1 billion people will be over 60 years and they want to enjoy life to the fullest. Product development focused on this group should be on your radar to aim for positive ageing. With the right ingredients, even simple break-time snacks become a healthy moment.

Lunchbox changing eating habits

Changing eating habits.

Almost 1 in 2 consumers world-wide confirm they sometimes replace meals with a quick bite. This presents an innovation opportunity for products that act as a hybrid solution between meals. Discover more consumer insights and what solutions BENEO brings to the table.

Energise with active nutrition.

Sports and healthy eating go hand in hand, as one is the fuel for the other. Whether you cater for the professional athlete or the regular active consumer,…Finding out what drives these consumers and how to innovate for them can bring you your next NPD success.

Plant based indulgence

Healthier carbs, healthier living.

One of the top 5 unresolved health problems worldwide is lack of energy and fatigue. Yet, not all carbs will deliver the same kind of energy. Raised awareness has led consumers to look for ways to get through the day and improve their daily performance. Find out more.

Another interesting topic are Global food key trends. These trends refer to the changes and shifts in consumer preferences, behaviour and consumption patterns in relation to food and beverages.