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BENEO’s Global Key Trends 2023.

By continuously analyzing market developments, consumer researches and agency reports, we have identified global key trends which we believe will impact the food & beverages industries in 2023 and beyond.

Discover global key trends:

As a result of consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics, we see that plant-based innovation in food and drinks continues to flourish. This ties into the broader consumer lifestyle trend towards cleaner living. Shoppers have many reasons for eating clean, but better health stands out as the #1 driver, followed by food safety and avoiding negatives. Transparency allows consumers to better evaluate the quality of their food and drink choices.

Anxiety surrounding COVID-19 paired with today’s modern and hectic lifestyle is creating stress. It is a well-known perception that food has an influence on mood and mental wellbeing. Snacks can provide comfort and an opportunity to take a break from responsibilities. Especially in challenging times consumers are on a food adventure to treat themselves. But in doing this, they have also become more aware of the healthier way of doing so, and even comfort food cravers express their wish today for a wider range of healthier snacks.

Permissible indulgence or treats that ease guilty consciences with healthy attributes are the holy grail. That is why having a look at sugar and carb quality is of great importance. Nevertheless, consumers find it rather difficult to judge whether a product is healthy or not and are willing to experiment to find the best diet plan for their body.

Energy is yet another great consumer need, and in the quest for that, consumers are embracing a wider variety of ingredients and product formats. Today it is no longer only about getting energy, but also about finding the right source of energy. And also digestive wellness is one of the biggest human needs, as we all experience some digestive discomfort at some time or another. Digestive health is increasingly recognized by dietitians and consumers alike as being an integral contributor to overall health and wellbeing. Prebiotics such as inulin can deliver a ‘feel the benefit’ effect.

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