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BENEO’s Global Key Trends.

The attention towards healthy nutrition has been increasing steadily over the past decades but are also evolving, with consumers adopting more a prevention-over-cure approach and looking to address all areas of wellbeing.  

The positive nutrition aspect of health in particular has been accelerated with the ‘food as medicine’ concept coming into play. Many consumers make the link between the health of the environment and their own health. They are more attentive to ingredient listings and focus on realness and authenticity. Also, sustainability is having a greater influence on purchasing habits than ever before. Read more about it in clean and green. This ties into the plant-based preference that continues to flourish, driven by consumers’ desire for more healthy and sustainable food and drink products.  

It is also a well-known perception that food has an influence on mood and mental health. We see the interest rising in food and drinks that can lift mood, sharpen minds and/or help relax. Mental wellbeing benefits are often associated with digestive health a.k.a. gut power. Consumers spontaneously position their gut as the central location where overall health departs.  

This growing importance of healthfulness is also driving conscious indulgence. As lifestyles get busier, consumers are looking for sweet escapes to treat themselves and they rely a lot on convenience products to cook, bake and dine together. People are unwilling to compromise on taste, texture and overall experience irrespective of their health goals. Every generation of consumers tends to see itself as more adventurous than the previous one, and they like their food and drink choices to showcase just how experimental they are. 

Vegan and plant-based: consumers are loving it

Plant preference.

With the interest in plant-based nutrition rising, let’s deep dive into the motivations and interests of the flexitarian consumer. 

Digestive and immune health

Gut power.

Consumers recognize that gut health is key to achieving holistic wellbeing, and in response, look more frequently for food and drink supporting a healthy digestive system.  


Adventurous consumers.

As lifestyles get busier, consumers are looking for sweet escapes to treat themselves and rely a lot on convenience products to get inspired to cook, bake or dine together.


Conscious Indulgence.

Finding health and indulgence in the same bite, a big consumer aspiration! But what makes a snack healthy and which benefits do consumers look for when they are on a quest to treat themselves?  

Personal health starts with planet health

Clean and green.

Consumers’ focus on quality and safety is driving a demand for clean and natural attributes in food and drink. But also, sustainability is having a greater influence on purchasing habits than ever before. 


Mental health.

What we eat affects our physical health and mood. Explore the connection between diet and mental health in this trend blog. 


Positive nutrition.

Consumers more and more understand the power of food, bringing forward a greater interest in active ingredients that can help to boost one’s health.

Food for senses header visual

Spotlight on food for the senses.

Indulging in good food while spending time with loved ones is one of the most important things for global consumers nowadays.

Spotlight on prebiotic fibres.

A good gut leads to good health. 1 in 2 consumers worldwide say they usually choose foods that improve their digestion.

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