Pig Food Ingredients With Nutritional Benefits

The right pigs nutrition is essential throughout all stages of life. BENEO’s natural ingredients help you to respond to multiple dietary and reproductive challenges. Today piglets are weaned much earlier than in the past. As this is a stressful period, the right feed is important to make a smooth transition from milk to solid feed.

In the case of lactating sows, it can help to prevent a disrupted energy balance. As litter size and therefore lactation continues to increase and weaning-to-oestrus interval targets (fertility) decreases, the good body condition of the sow deserves extra attention.

Also discover the technological benefits of our functional carbohydrates BeneoCarb S in pig feed: good pelletising aid and easy to mix in various types of feed.

Functional fibres for better gut microbiota and digestive health

Over the past decades global research revealed that BENEO’s functional fibres are a good source of dietary fibre that benefit overall health, body development, growth and production throughout all stages of life.

Especially after weaning when intestinal health is challenged because of the changing diet, it supports the development of a balanced bacterial microbiota. This is key to optimal nutrient absorption and hence sustained growth and wellbeing.

Nutritional benefits of our functional fibres:

  • Balanced gut microbiota (composition)
  • Increased mineral and nutrient utilisation
  • Supported intestinal immunity
  • Better feed conversion and growth
  • Better faecal health (e.g. during weaning)
  • Nutritional solution to reduce boar taint

High-quality plant proteins for nutritionally dense feed

Freshly weaned piglets have high nutritional requirements and are more sensitive due to their immature digestive tract. In this respect, nutritionally dense feed enriched with vegetable proteins can make a big difference.

Nutritional benefits of our Vital Wheat Gluten:

  • Safe and concentrated source of plant protein
  • Exceptionally high digestibility
  • Well-balanced amino acid profile
  • Rich in glutamine, functional for gut development
  • Absence of anti-nutritional factors and low in excess nutrients
  • Neutral taste (ensuring proper piglet feed intake after weaning)
  • Sustainable alternative to animal protein (e.g. fishmeal)
  • Improved digestion thanks to viscoelastic nature (e.g. slower intestinal transit in piglets)

To get more information about our Rice Protein, visit the chapter on Specialty Rice Ingredients.

Specialty Rice Ingredients: boosting piglet growth and health

Our rice flour is an easily applicable and highly digestible source of energy. Young piglets have high nutritional needs and a big growth potential. In this demanding stage of life, the exceptional nutritional value of rice flour can help to boost growth and health.

Nutritional benefits of our rice flours:

  • Rich in slowly digestible (amylose-type) starches
  • Excellent source of energy (unique granule size of rice starch)
  • Absence of anti-nutritional factors or allergens and low in excess nutrients
  • Supported (early) body growth and feed intake
  • Neutral taste (e.g. stimulating voluntary piglet feed intake)
  • Lactose replacement

Nutritional benefits of our rice protein:

  • Safe and concentrated source of protein
  • Highly digestible
  • Interesting amino acid profile
  • Absence of anti-nutritional factors

Functional Carbohydrates: balanced energy for weaning piglets and lactating sows

BeneoCarb S is a pure ingredient and a unique functional syrup with a high content of low-glycaemic sugars which can be applied to multiple pig diets. It can be used as a balanced energy source in young piglet diets and to support high milk production in lactating sows.

Nutritional benefits of our BeneoCarb S:

  • Pure, concentrated source of carbohydrates
  • Exceptionally low ash content
  • Rich in slow-release sugars (low-glycaemic)
  • Prolonged, yet complete energy supply
  • Natural, sweet taste
  • Better sow litter performance (e.g. total weight of piglets at weaning)
  • Ideal flushing ingredient (improved fertility)
  • Improved milk production during lactation
  • Better carcass quality and performance of fattening pigs

In-depth information about our pig food ingredients

Natural ingredients for healthy piglets

Natural ingredients for healthy piglets

Optimal, natural feed solutions for healthy piglets: all about the functionality of vegetal proteins, prebiotic fibres and highly digestible carbohydrates.

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