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BENEO has long-term experience in developing and producing functional ingredients from natural sources for food, feed and pharmaceutical products. We employ more than 1000 people and market our products in +80 countries. Our worldwide sales network ensures that you can always rely on local support.

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core expertise

Our core expertise

BENEO offers plant-based functional ingredients for food, feed and pharma that help improve the nutritional and technical properties of a wide variety of products, while maintaining or even improving taste or texture. Through a unique chain of expertise, we offer our customers the basis for new product ideas and successful product launches. Our state-of-the-art production sites around the world ensure sustainable and high quality ingredients at all time.

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What we do?

With our ingredients we are catering to the latest trends in food, feed and pharma. Being produced in our fully owned state-of-the-art food facilities, they come with the highest quality and safety standards.

Carbohydrates from sugar beet

Carbohydrates from sugar beet

We are the pioneers of Isomalt, the only sugar replacer from sugar beet. For more than four decades this proven ingredient has been used in the production of sugar-free and ‘sugar-reduced’ confectionery and is the No 1 bulk sweetener in sugar-free candies.

We discovered nature’s unique secret about supplying better energy: Palatinose™ (isomaltulose). It provides full carbohydrate energy in a balanced and sustained way – eliminating the undesired “boost and crash effect”.

Prebiotic chicory root fibre

Prebiotic chicory root fibre

Natural inulin and oligofructose are the only proven plant-based prebiotics. The scientific database for BENEO’s prebiotic fibre is the strongest in the food industry, confirming their efficacy in supporting digestive health, including the support of our inner defence, leading the market for more than 40 years.

Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose have been proven to support weight management and help the body to absorb calcium, which is good for stronger bones. In addition, they support a low-glycaemic diet.

Plant-based proteins

Plant-based proteins

Our functional proteins are the answer to a growing interest in plant-based nutrition.

Our wheat protein, textured wheat protein and faba bean ingredients perfectly fit to the needs of bakery applications and plant-based alternatives. BENEO’s rice protein is a great protein source e.g. in bars and meal replacements thanks to its high digestibility and hypoallergenic profile.

Specialty ingredients from rice

Specialty ingredients from rice

With more than 175 years of expertise and more than 80 years of focus on food, we are a pioneer and market leader in converting rice varieties to naturally derived, functional starches, flours and highly digestible proteins.

Incredibly versatile, they are used in many applications to improve taste and texture. BENEO’s rice ingredients are also used as texturizers for gluten-free and lactose free formulations.

Beta-Glucans from Barley

Beta-glucans from barley

In line with our commitment to innovation, we are introducing Orafti® β-Fit as part of our fibre portfolio. This wholegrain barley flour with beta-glucans is a more affordable solution in the beta-glucan category. Additionally, it offers unique health benefits including positive impacts on heart health and blood sugar management.

Meatless a brand of BENEO

Evolving plant-based textures

Acquired in 2022 Meatless® is providing plant-based texturising solutions for meat and fish alternatives. The Meatless® portfolio is derived from different raw materials, like rice, faba beans or wheat. Teaming up with BENEO combines raw material expertise and technological innovation for sustainable plant-based solutions are successfully.

Feed ingredients

Feed ingredients

Derived from sugar beet, chicory root, rice and wheat, our feed ingredients improve the well-being of pets, horses, pigs, ruminants, poultry, fish and other species. They promote digestive health, support weight management, they are clean label and provide great taste and texture.

Highest quality and safety standards are ensured by producing these ingredients at state-of-the-art food facilities.

Pharmaceutical excipient

Pharmaceutical excipient

galenIQ is a highly functional filler and binder and complies with the current Ph. Eur., BP, USP-NF and JP monographs for isomalt.

Derived from sugar beet, this versatile excipient is non-cariogenic, and makes medicine taste better. Being easy to use it is multifunctional for a broad variety of dosage forms.

What is important to us?

We at BENEO, together with customers, suppliers and stakeholders, contribute to better nutrition and health. We are fully aware of the responsibility this encompasses and use all our expertise to ensure that our products and services enable you to develop even better human and animal nutrition.

contribute to better nutrition and health


Our values guide our attitude and behaviour



Our business is about nutrition, and ultimately about health and life itself. We are fully aware of the responsibility this encompasses and use all our expertise to deliver the best products and services.



At BENEO, we never stop looking for new answers to make nutrition better and healthier. We develop smart product ideas that are based on our profound insights on current and future market developments.



New ideas, concepts and solutions are how we give our customers and partners inspiration for better products in an increasingly demanding market.

Proven effectiveness

We are a company backed by science

We are a company backed by science. Working with an international network of scientists from various universities, research institutes and food industry partners, we promote innovation in health and nutrition.

Our functional food and feed ingredients are approved by authorities

Our functional food and feed ingredients are approved by authorities in more than 80 countries worldwide. Their benefits can be communicated through nutrition and/or health claims.

Our pharmaceutical product range is manufactured under cGMP conditions

Our pharmaceutical product range is manufactured under cGMP conditions, according to IPEC-PQG requirements, for pharmaceutical excipients.

Open innovation – theBarn

theBarn is an open innovation platform of the Suedzucker Group bringing together the brightest minds from the AgriFood and Bioeconomy world with the various experts and departments of the Suedzucker Group, including of course BENEO. As part of the Suedzucker Group, BENEO is also actively looking for new market solutions and pioneering technologies to shape the future for our existing and new food concepts. You have an idea – a new technology or solution for food, energy, sustainable packaging, or any other area defined in our search fields of interest? Submit your idea and let’s get in touch to harness the power of plants together.


At BENEO sustainability reaches from field to fork and beyond, providing ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle in a holistic way. Sustainabilty has been built into the DNA of BENEO since its early days and we constantly improve it along the entire value chain. This approach is
reaping fincancial, as well as social and environmental rewards, keeping in mind tomorrow’s generations.


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BENEO has long-term experience in developing and producing functional ingredients from natural sources for food, feed and pharmaceutical products.

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