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Make every kibble count.

With sustainability becoming such a key purchasing driver and consumer interest in all things plant-based continuing to grow, more and more consumers are now seeking out alternatives to animal proteins for their pets. 

Awaken your customer’s senses with plant-based ingredients.

Nearly 50% of UK dog food buyers believe it’s good for pets to regularly have a plant-based meal instead of a meat-based meal

A belief which is supported by many vets and scientists, but with the proviso that plant-based meals form a part of a balanced and suitably nutritious diet. 

As such plant-based or even vegetarian meals can be nutritionally adequate if properly formulated. Blending proteins from different vegetal sources like cereals (rice, wheat) combined with legumes (e.g., faba) can provide the pet with a balanced amino-acid supply.

With BENEO’s sustainable and plant-based ingredients it becomes easier to blend the owners’ flexitarian aspirations with the pet’s nutritional needs.

Introduce vegetal proteins into your product portfolio.

The benefits of offering balanced nutrition with high quality proteins result in happy and healthy pets that can live their life to the fullest. BENEO offers multiple formulation solutions with a variety of naturally sourced ingredients: faba bean protein concentrate, vital wheat gluten and rice protein. These plant proteins can represent valuable alternatives to meat (co-)products and support the petfood producers in their strive for sustainability.

Besides its high protein density of approximately 80%, BENEO’s rice protein offers great nutritional benefits. It is hypoallergenic and highly digestible, making it suitable for pets with allergies, as well as sensitive pets such as puppies and older animals. BENEO’s vital wheat gluten also offers a high protein density of approximately 80%, with an interesting amino acid profile notably rich in glutamine. It offers exceptional technological and application benefits thanks to its strong viscoelastic properties that can improve the texture of different types of pet food. Finally, the BENEO’s faba bean protein concentrate is a good alternative to animal and soy proteins and is suitable for “no grain” claims in pet food. The faba beans benefit from strong sustainability credentials related to their cultivation, BENEO’s local sourcing and production process.

Are you interested in the specific benefits and applications of these ingredients? Discover more about them here.

Your trusted partner for animal health and wellbeing.

We strive for a constant high quality and supply security with our own production plants that manufacture both our food and feed ingredients.

The sustainable alternatives for animal nutrition.

The faba beans enable sustainable cultivation, because there is no need for irrigation or nitrogen fertilization.

What’s in your pet’s food?

As pets are increasingly viewed as family members, a focus on their diet and wellbeing has emerged in different pet food trends.

Indeed, much like in the consumer foods segment, pet parents are looking for healthy, nutritious and natural pet food solutions that also have a positive impact on the environment. Following our survey involving 2500 pet owners, 4 in 5 confirm that claims such as “environmentally-friendly” affect their interest to buy a specific product.

On-pack claims that seem to make a pet food recipe healthier are the use of natural ingredients, having less or no preservatives/additives, added protein and fibre. But a majority of pet owners (68%) also like to supplement the food of their pet with health-promoting ingredients.

People are also more than ever projecting their personal preferences onto their pets. BENEO’s survey reveals that 84% of pet parents agree they treat their pet with as much care as they would treat a child. There is for instance a substantial concern about food allergens and no less than 76% attaches a big importance to their pet’s digestive health. A healthy gut does play a pivotal role in overall wellbeing.

BENEO supplies natural ingredients that are supportive of a healthy pet life and suitable for the most sensitive among them. Did you know that chicory root fibres are one of the best researched prebiotic fibres worldwide, supporting a healthy digestion, and that rice ingredients, hypoallergenic by nature, are an ideal source of energy and protein. Last but not least we hold a range of quality plant-based proteins that represent a sustainable alternative to animal protein.

Did you know about these pet food trends:

  • A large majority of pet parents consider the health aspect when buying foods for their pet.
  • 4 in 5 pet parents expect the same quality standards for their pet as for their own food and check the ingredient label to ensure there are no ingredients they dislike.
  • Food allergies, not an exclusive human problem. Close to 60% of pet parents share an interest for allergen-free pet food.
  • Consumers also consider sustainability in the foods they eat as important. Also 1 in 2 pet parents say to consider aspects such as: contains plant-based ingredients, low carbon footprint, recyclable packaging, eco-friendly, … when shopping for their pet.

Inspiring concepts.

concept healthier carbs, healthier living

Healthy and happy from within.

Develop kibble with natural prebiotic fibre, the core foundation of good digestive health.


Creamy temptations.

Creamy wet cat food with natural prebiotic fibre. Up the nutritious benefits of the mixture and make it creamier.

inspiring product concepts

All-natural chunks.

Highly digestible and tasty chunks in gravy and jelly for the most sensitive pets. Rice protein and prebiotic fibre up the technical and nutritious qualities of your mixture.