Remypro: A Gluten-Free Rice Protein

BENEO’s endosperm rice proteins is an all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, hypoallergenic ingredient with an excellent amino acid profile and digestibility. The latter as well as its hypoallergenic profile make it the ingredient of choice for baby food applications.

Remypro, having a high protein content (>84% ds) is a concentrated source of rice proteins, higher than almost any other plant-based protein source. It is a good protein source for mainstream, as well as gluten-free products.

Nutritional benefits:

Technical benefits of Rice Protein

Remypro provides solutions for gluten-free extruded cereals

BENEO’s Remypro is an ideal plant-based protein source for the creation of gluten-free extruded cereals. Our rice protein do not only allow to include significant levels of protein with only limited impact on product expansion rate, it also considerably improves crispness and stable bowl life.

Remypro for tasty protein enrichment

BENEO’s Remypro can easily be incorporated into protein/ energy bars and (gluten-free) baked goods to obtain high-protein products with excellent taste and texture.

Remypro in instant mixes to boost nutrition

Thanks to its high digestibility and excellent amino acid profile, Remypro can easily be used alone or combined with other proteins to formulate instant nutrition mixes like meal replacement drinks and shakes, enriched with proteins.

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Essential amino acid profile of Remypro

Essential amino acid profile of Remypro
Essential amino acid profile of Remypro

In-depth information about Remypro

BENEO paper Remypro rice protein
BENEO paper Remypro rice protein

Clean label rice protein for gluten-free cereal pops & bars

Recipe for gluten-free cereal pops and bars with non-GMO, hypoallergenic rice proteins with prolonged softness and crispness during shelf and bowl life.

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Recipes with Remypro, a gluten-free rice protein

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