Aqua Feed Ingredients With Nutritional Benefits

Aquaculture is becoming ever more crucial to the production of animal protein on a global scale. Our functional proteins, functional fibres and specialty rice ingredients open up innovative solutions for high-quality aqua feed that complies with economic and ecological standards.
Nutrition is important to boost growth performance and overall health. Our functional ingredients do not only improve the overall nutritional quality of aqua feed, our prebiotic fibres for example also support the fish’ immune system.

Also discover the technological benefits of our ingredients in aqua feed: high water holding capacity, specific binding and expansion properties and many others.

Functional fibres for more performant and healthier fish

Aquaculture is dependent on optimal performance. Strategies that improve the functioning and efficiency of the digestive apparatus of the animal are crucial to reduce stress and support good health. In this respect, formulating the right feed and choosing the right feed ingredients is essential.

Nutritional benefits of our functional fibres:

  • More balanced microbiota
  • Improved gut architecture
  • Natural support to fish immune system
  • Ameliorated growth, health and feed efficiency

Vital Wheat Gluten: a high-quality source of functional protein

With a protein content of over 80 %, our Vital Wheat Gluten is one of the most concentrated vegetable protein sources available. It is a sustainable alternative to animal protein and a highly interesting ingredient for a wide range of fish. Research has shown that vital wheat gluten can replace fish meal by 100 % without compromising performance.

Nutritional benefits of our Vital Wheat Gluten:

  • High-quality source of vegetable protein
  • Concentrated ingredient low in excess nutrients
  • Well-balanced amino acid profile
  • Rich in functional glutamine promoting gut development
  • Sustainable alternative to animal protein-based ingredients (e.g. fish meal)

In-depth information about aqua feed

Natural ingredients for sustainable aqua feed

Natural ingredients for sustainable aqua feed

All about technical pellet optimisation with vegetable proteins, prebiotic fibres and functional starches, prioritising growth rate and overall health.

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