Natural Ingredients for Improved Processing in Aqua Feed

Aquaculture is becoming ever more crucial to the production of animal protein on a global scale. Our functional proteins, functional fibres and specialty rice ingredients open up innovative solutions for high-quality aqua feed that complies with economic and ecological standards.

Tap into a wide range of nutritional benefits for aqua such as more balanced microbiota and support to intestinal health immune system, high-quality source of vegetable protein rich in functional glutamine and many others.

Optimising the Technical Quality of the Aqua Feed Pellet

Our vital wheat gluten and specialty rice ingredients can be used as a natural binder and a sustainable alternative to modified starches and hydrocolloids. In addition, they can improve the physical characteristics of extruded aqua feed thanks to their outstanding technical performance.

Although starch is difficult for fish to digest and has a more limited nutritional value, its specific binding and expansion characteristics are very important in terms of influencing the physical characteristics of the feed.

Technological Benefits of Vital Wheat Gluten

  • High quality, natural binder
  • High water absorption capacity and prevention of gas expulsion during extrusion
  • Delivery of fine porous and uniform extrudates
  • Higher oil inclusions
  • Improved water stability of the extrudate

Technological Benefits of Specialty Rice Ingredients

  • High quality vegetal binder
  • Excellent expansion control of starch in dry extruded feed
  • Reduced expansion rate to improve sinking
  • Uniform and smoother extrudates with a fine porosity
  • More efficient production of mini-pellets
  • Enabling higher oil inclusions (achieving nutritional requirements)
  • Broad range of rice varieties, allowing for technical fine-tuning

Dive into Aqua Feed: In-Depth Insights Await

Natural ingredients for sustainable aqua feed

Natural Ingredients for Sustainable Aqua Feed

All about technical pellet optimisation with vegetable proteins, prebiotic fibres and functional starches, prioritising growth rate and overall health.

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