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Isomaltulose: a highly palatable, slow-release carbohydrate for feed.

BENEO supplies slowly digestible functional carbohydrates that ensure a more balanced energy supply by gradually releasing their glucose content into the bloodstream.

Extended research on the dietary impact of this low-glycaemic ingredient range demonstrated its physiological benefits to both humans and animals. Next to this, it also improves palatability, growth and performance.

Sourcing sustainable energy for healthy animals.

Production of our functional carbohydrates is executed in a state-of-the-art and food-certified processing plant, which allows us to continuously guarantee the highest product quality. Our facilities are located in Palatinate, the heart of the German sugar beet cultivation region where we source our sugar beets.

Our functional carbohydrates are disaccharides consisting of glucose and fructose and are characterised by a strong glycosidic bond. Due to this specific linkage, they are more resistant to enzymatic hydrolisation in the intestine and release their energy more slowly than regular sucrose.

BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses) is a unique carbohydrate and a by-product of the manufacturing process of Isomaltulose. This highly concentrated molasses features high levels of slowly digestible carbohydrates, that ensure a balanced, yet complete energy supply for high-performant animals.

Our range of Functional Carbohydrates.

Product form
BeneoCarb S
Product form
Concentrated source of isomaltulose molasses containing approximately 60 % of slowly digestible sugars.
Feed-grade Isomaltulose
Product form
Crystalline Isomaltulose powder

In-depth information about our Functional Carbohydrates.

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