galenIQ™: Elevating Oil Carriers And Syrups For Enhanced Stability And Palatability

galenIQ™ unfolds its versatility in specialized applications such as oil carriers and syrups. This sweet excipient promises enhanced functionality and palatability to these unique formulations. galenIQ™ can serve as a stabilizing agent, ensuring uniform dispersion and improved shelf life. It not only enhances the palatability of for example syrups but also contributes to a smooth and consistent texture.

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galenIQ™ works in oil carriers 

  • It acts like a sponge which can absorb oil
  • It provides excellent taste characteristics

Syrup with galenIQ™

  • galenIQ™ improves palatability
  • Reduced unpleasant aftertaste of API’s

Plant extract tablets with galenIQ™  

  • galenIQ™ is non-hygroscopic and promotes the stability of the tablet
  • Enhances palatability

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Confection-based tablet of oily plant extracts

Oily plant extracts are difficult to formulate into a tablet. galenIQ™ is a filler-binder that helps to make this process easier and has also very good effects on palatability. See the positive effects of using galenIQ™ in your formulation.

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Benefits of galenIQ™ in oil carriers and syrups