Natural Pet Food Ingredients For Improved Processing

Our functional, non-GMO pet food ingredients offer a wide range of physiological and technical benefits, and help to create balanced, safe pet food that lives up to the highest standards. They can improve and fine tune the physical features and texture of pet food and snacks.

They can also optimise taste and colour, as well as energy consumption of the extruder.  As an ingredient supplier, we keep a close eye on the market trends to stay top of shelf.  For example our rice starches are a natural alternative to modified starches and hydrocolloids, therefore matching the increased demand for clean label pet food.

Also discover our nutritional benefits for pet food: improved digestive health, gut development and good coat condition, highly digestible rice ingredients and many others.

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Technical benefits of Vital Wheat Gluten in pet food

  • High water absorption capacity thanks to good binding capacity (strong viscoelastic matrix)
  • Increased juiciness and chewiness (texture) in (semi-)moist (e.g. chunks in gravy) pet nutrition
  • Improved chunkiness
  • Lighter, crunchier kibble thanks to optimal porosity, volume, stability and texture in dry extruded pet nutrition

Technical benefits of Specialty Rice Ingredients

  • High-quality binder for controlled expansion in dry extruded pet nutrition
  • Uniform kibble with a fine porosity, improved crunchiness and smoother surface
  • Low retrogradation in wet canned pet foods (natural stabiliser)
  • Good moisture binder (e.g. cohesive gravy matrix)
  • Clean label alternative to hydrocolloids in wet pet nutrition

Technical benefits of BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses)

  • Good technical aid in wet and semi-moist pet nutrition
  • Natural sweetness
  • Reduction of water activity in (semi-)moist pet nutrition
  • Anti-oxidative properties (feed protection)
  • Very low viscosity (ease of use)
  • Reducing sugars undergoing Maillard reactions with amino acids (improved taste and colour)

Technical benefits of the Faba Bean in pet nutrition

BENEO faba bean icon

Starch-rich flour:

  • Natural texturizer in dry extruded pet food
  • Ensures good hardness and crispiness in extruded products

Also discover the nutritional benefits of our ingredients


In-depth information about pet feed

Natural ingredients for healthy pets

Natural ingredients for healthy pets

All about nutritious and technical ingredient solutions for healthy, happy pets.

The impact of ingredients on pet parents

The impact of ingredients on pet parents

Ingredient label and quality is under close scrutiny. Tick all the right boxes with rice ingredients: nature’s secret solution for healthy, natural and hypoallergenic pet food.

Rice starch, a clean label solution for sensitive pets

Rice starch, a clean label solution for sensitive pets

Tick all the right boxes for premium, clean label pet food with rice starch: a hypoallergenic natural feed ingredient.

Prebiotic Chicory Root Fibre

Prebiotic chicory root fibre

Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose are amongst the few proven prebiotics that take care of more than only your pet‘s digestive health.

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