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Awaken your customer’s senses with plant-based ingredients.

60% are interested in trying
new sensory experiences

Enjoying and connecting through good food is one of the binding factors that people around the world have in common. The importance of shared experiences is invaluable for relationships, and people will always find ways to enjoy such pleasurable moments through food. Even when today’s prices in the majority of food categories have been hit with inflation, there is always a way to tickle your senses.

An additional challenge for the industry is the flexitarian trend that continues to inspire consumers to include plant-based meals into their eating routine; as long as it can be done without compromising on taste or texture. With BENEO’s ingredients, that consumer need can be answered. Let us inspire you.


Indulge on good mood food with every plant-based bite.

More than 1 in 2 Post-Covid-19 want to be more adventurous with their food and beverage choices

Every so often, we all crave a little indulgence and like to pamper ourselves with some ”good mood food”. Today’s consumers however, are more concerned about sustainability aspects, so feel the need to balance out their plant-based aspirations with their need for those comforting treats. So BENEO jumps on the wagon by providing naturally sourced ingredients for a wide range of plant-based recipes, like for example the ultimate plant-based sweet treat: the egg-free meringue.

Our Faba bean protein ingredient is an affordable solution to replace the egg white and becomes the star of this application. It offers structure with an almost unnoticeable flavour, as such carefully balancing taste and texture for the ultimate meringue. It will fulfil all texture wishes, together with all other senses.

Tickle all consumers’ senses and trends at the same time.

Jumping on the bandwagon of all consumer trends worldwide can be a whirlwind. With BENEO’s ingredients it becomes easier to do so. Discover more about how our functional ingredients work in different delicious applications. Get inspired with plant-based!

Download the paper on a sustainable plant-based solution.

Create a plant-based burger with Meatless® Faba bean flakes. Juicy, tasty and 100% vegan.

Discover a delicious alternative for fish sticks. Meatless® Rice flakes take plant-pased solutionsto the next level.

Roll into the world of meat-free party snacks. Enjoy and share plant-based deliciousness with Meatless® Wheat flakes.

Food Matters Live Podcast.

How is consumer demand shaping the future of the food industry?

No other sector than the food industry is as competitive and tuned in to what its customers want, and delivering on that is crucial to stay ahead of the game. But it is not always a straight line to the finish and plenty of adaptation and innovation is part of the journey. The plant-based sector, for example, has seen some interesting recent developments, with some manufacturers re-thinking the types of products they produce.

Roll into the world of meat-free snacks.

More than 1 in 4 global consumers call themselves flexitarians

They want to embrace plant-based food in their lives on a regular basis. It’s a lifestyle choice that’s winning over consumers’ heart by offering a healthier life for themselves, and most of all, improving matters for the planet and animals. The only wall they hit is that many plant-based solutions currently on the market are less tasty and rarely offer the same texture as the regular products. BENEO’s food scientists have risen to the challenge with implementing the technical advantages of our functional ingredients to their best. We deliver on the original textures of good food that can tickle all your consumers’ senses.

BENEO’s ingredient Meatless® wheat flakes offer flexitarians the choice to indulge on a vegan option that provides a meat-like texture and taste. Our recipe of vegan snack balls is the perfect sharing treat for your consumers and their loved ones. Serve up some cosy happiness on a plant-based plate.

Inspiring concepts and recipes for a sensorial menu.

Beef and bean burger.

Ready to savour the next evolution in burger perfection? Find your inspiration with this concept: Less meat, more experience!

Mylk chocolate recipe.

A plant-based and dairy alternative that can satisfy those sweet chocolate cravings? With BENEO’s cocoa bar recipe it’s possible to deliver on smooth mouthfeel, even without dairy!

Whipping cream recipe.

Whip up a delicious dessert and take it to the next level with this dairy-free whipping cream recipe that is rice-based, including chicory root fibre and faba bean protein.

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