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Plant-Based Indulgence With The Right Ingredients

This page was created in 2021, the facts and figures shown on this page might not be the most recent market data.

1 in 2 consumers is interested in plant-based products

1 in 2 consumers is interested in plant-based products

Plant-based indulgence food has achieved its place in consumers’ weekly shopping carts. People have different reasons for buying plant-based. With only 5% of Americans on a vegan diet, the reason for the rise in plant-based consumption is to be found elsewhere. Modern consumers believe plant-based food has health benefits in the long run; they are convinced habits need to change and become more sustainable to take better care of our planet.
People generally swap some products for plant-based alternatives when the choices are easy, because for most, a 100% vegan lifestyle seems too much of a challenge. Little do they know that plant-based can be so simple and tasty…

With BENEO’s plant-based ingredients the solutions are obvious. Tasty food is still a key factor when making choices. So there is no need to give up on indulgence at all, certainly in the dessert aisle this becomes important for the industry to take notice!

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Reasons of plant-excitement

Long term health is top of mind with consumers everywhere. The pandemic has even increased this focus, as 30% of Latin American consumers say the health crisis has increased their wish to eat more plant-based. More natural foods, such as plant-based yogurt and milk, are perceived as better for the body. Digestive health is high on the wish list and dairy-free options speak directly to these needs, as they don’t contain lactose, an allergen that can cause digestive issues for some. Add our specialty rice starch to the mix to ensure great texture for ultimate plant-based indulgence in a highly digestible way.

People look for the ultimate clean eating. With consumers paying more attention to ingredient lists and learning more about products, everyone is benefitted from natural ingredients. This is why clean label product launches are increasing year by year. 85% of consumers in Latin America consider rice starch to be a natural product. Rice is a well-known ingredient and is linked to being safe, healthy and nutritious. Cleaning up food labels with rice is thus a wise choice.

Taste remains priority when choosing food, especially in the dessert segment. In South & Central America, 54% of dairy alternative buyers say they like the taste of plant-based alternatives better than regular milk. These dairy alternatives also come with novelty and variety in taste, making it an attractive option for people who enjoy exploring new things.

Drivers of people who say they choose plant-based options:

80% clean eating

80% clean eating

70% long-term health

70% long-term health

60% taste

60% taste

Challenges for plant lovers

+29% growth in dairy launches with plant-based claim

+29% growth in dairy launches with plant-based claim

When looking at the dairy segment, consumers are bombarded with choices of different brands and tastes. But for the plant-based shopper, not much choice is to be found in this department. And the small selection on offer is often limited in rich taste explosions or falls short on bringing a luscious texture. That’s why innovative plant-based products are on the rise and a sure bet for successful product launches in the dessert aisle.

Develop products with a full body mouthfeel that are 100% dairy-free. Our rice starches take dairy alternatives to a new level, while ensuring a mouthfeel matching that creamy mouthfeel known and liked from dairy products. Regular and waxy rice starches enable unique, clean label textures in set- and stir-style low-fat yogurts, as well as non-fermented dairy desserts like pudding. This way, choosing to eat plant-based does not mean you are giving up on that delicious texture and taste!

Dare to go without dairy

30% of plant-based ice cream buyers prefer better texture

30% of plant-based ice cream buyers prefer better texture

Consumers are willing to swap products such as milk, yogurt, ice cream and cheese for plant-based alternatives when given a good option. The problem with losing the dairy mostly lies in stability and loss of creaminess. To regain this creamy texture and mouthfeel, rice starch is nature’s plant-based solution!

Rice starch consists of very small granules, comparable to the size of fat globules. This is why they offer that mouthfeel similar to fatty products. On top of that, the stability of rice starch benefits shelf life of refrigerated products. The unique molecular structure of rice starch contributes to an excellent freeze-thaw stability, a key asset for frozen desserts.

Dulce without leche

75% of Americans think dairy alternatives are healthier

75% of consumers in South and Central America think dairy alternatives are healthier

Rice ingredients open doors to tasty plant-based food choices. With lots of consumers stating they have trouble finding free-from foods that taste good, there is work to be done! Revamp the dairy-free segment by bringing popular desserts, such as dulce de leche, into the picture. Reformulate them without milk and bring in rice ingredients for that all important mouthfeel and texture. Attract consumers with plant-based indulgence – appeal to the flexitarian “lifestylers” as well as the lactose-intolerant and vegan consumers.

Rice starch and rice flour are ideal clean label texturizing ingredients. They generate a soft, smooth mouthfeel resulting in creamy dairy alternatives. Their neutral taste makes them easy to combine and eliminates the need to balance out off-flavours. In addition, their neutral colour helps to keep the original colour of any kind of added fruit without the need for colouring agents. From the dessert plate to coffee-creamer, create solutions that agree with the increasing plant-based needs.

Consumers look for the complete package

7 in 10 consumers wish they had healthier indulgent options

7 in 10 consumers wish they had healthier indulgent options

People look for products that offer health benefits, natural ingredients but also great taste. In Canada almost 3 in 4 consumers associate healthy living with compromising or even sacrificing on certain things. With indulgent products that fit in a (semi) plant-based lifestyle, you offer them the best of both worlds.

Add our Orafti®Inulin to the mix to increase fibre content. This way digestive health claims, that speak to consumer worldwide, are within reach. Disrupt the dairy-free dessert market by offering the complete package. Our recipe for vegan cheesecake will leave you inspired for more plant-based indulgence.

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