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Transparent Label

Consumers are increasingly cautious about what they eat and drink

Consumers’ awareness of the products they are consuming has increased over the last years. Today they have many tools at hand to easily evaluate the quality of their food and drink choices. Transparent labels are a great step in the right direction.

While shoppers may often only prioritize certain aspects, transparency can be delivered through a variety of factors, such as: having clean and clear labels, working with carefully selected ingredients, avoiding some “negatives”, providing organic options, working with smart packaging or blockchain technology or even voluntarily adding a nutrition labelling system on package.

And with not less than 64% of consumers globally saying to always/usually read labels on food packages, be sure that consumers are researching your brand(s), product(s), ingredients and more before making their purchase decision. Attract conscious consumers with transparent labels.

Inspiring product concepts on transparent labels

BENEO concept authentic dressing

Authentic dressing

Dress it up, naturally. Authentic mayonnaise-type dressing made with naturally-sourced rice starch for a smooth and creamy touch, prepared without artificial colours or flavourings.

Baby vegetable puree from BENEO

Pure Veggie

The best veggies for your toddler. Smooth veggie purée based on pure vegetables. Naturally-sourced rice starch delivers a smooth texture, free from any additives.

Concept Organic rice drink

Organic rice drink

Delight in organic plant goodness with a delicious dairy-free drink. Made with organic rice starch and rice flour it delivers you the smooth and creamy mouthfeel you love.

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