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Plant-based interest with consumer: Look beyond vegetarian and vegan.

Plant-based nutrition has been on the rise since a few years. While vegetarian claims are stable at around 10% share of global new product launches, vegan or no animal ingredients claims are growing fast.

Consumers consider plant-based as generally more healthy, with 7 in 10 plant-based consumers globally claiming long-term health as an extremely/very important driver for choosing these foods. But they are also linked to an increased energy level, they address environmental concerns as they are known to require less land, be able to reduce greenhouse gases and not harm any animals. Furthermore these foods can also open opportunities for new taste experiences and create novelty foods.

Related product concepts.

100% plant-based and reduced in fat spread

Rice 'n' Creamy.

Enjoy the dairy-free indulgence of Rice ’n’ Creamy, a vegetable spread made with premium ingredients from rice and chicory root fibre. 100% vegan and reduced in fat, it can be easily used to spread on your bread or served as a dip.

Rise ‘n’ creamy concept

Dairy-free chocolate pudding with rice ingredients

Indulgent Moments.

Pudding fans – listen up! With high-quality rice ingredients, this dairy-free pudding is the perfect answer to your chocolate cravings. A velvety, creamy texture – 100% plant-based and delicious.

Indulgent moments

Veggie burger with wheat protein and free from additives

Veggie burger.

A veggie burger that offers the taste of the grill and the texture of real meat. Go for delicious and nutritious plant power and enjoy a juicy bite. Made with (textured) wheat protein and free from additives.

Veggie burger concept

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