Energy 2.0

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Energy 2.0

Eliminate tiredness and enhance focus – today and in the future

Feeling tired or stressed out is a main challenge of today´s lifestyle. The search for balanced energy will continue to be a common struggle in the future as well. Mentally we are working harder than ever. And due to the pandemic, boundaries between home office and household have faded. A major challenge for consumers will be to maintain a healthy work-life balance in the new normal.

Energy is one of consumers’ greatest needs. In their quest for energy, consumers are embracing a wider variety of ingredients and product formats. It’s no longer only about getting energy, but also about finding the right source of energy.

Consumers are starting to differentiate more between types of carbohydrates. They are aware that the right carb can contribute to a better source of energy. Our slow-released functional carbohydrate Palatinose™ offers the same carbohydrate energy as fructose, but is more gently released to the body, thus being available for longer. The ideal ingredient that offers steady and sustained carbohydrate energy.

Inspiring product concepts

A refreshing energy shot contains Palatinose™

E-fuelled energy shot

Level up your gaming experience with a highly effective ingredient blend for a natural longer-lasting boost for body and mind. This refreshing energy shot contains Palatinose™ to stay tuned and recharged.

A delicious lemon biscuit with Palatinose™

Lemon cookies

Enjoy a wellness lift that lasts with a delicious lemon biscuit. Benefit of the goodness of prebiotic fibre and the balanced energy of Palatinose™, a slow-release carbohydrate from a natural source.

Pulls your through

A little extra kick to keep going! Chew on Focus3, an innovative candy in candy that revitalizes and refuels body and mind. These convenient chews contain a unique blend of caffeine, B-vitamins and Palatinose™ for a boost that lasts.