Orafti® β-Fit, rich in Beta-Glucans for Heart Health Solutions

Orafti® β-Fit is produced from barley via an eco-friendly milling and dry enrichment process. The beta-glucans offer a convenient and tasty opportunity to enrich your products with fibres and make use of on-pack claims with nutritional and health benefits. These are contributable to the 20% fraction of beta-glucans, soluble fibres with a positive effect on cholesterol and heart health.

Beta-glucans are naturally present in cereals, like oats and barley. They are polysaccharides composed of glucose molecules, linked together with mixed β (1-4) and β (1-3) bonds. Orafti® β-Fit can be labelled as beta-glucan rich barley flour.

Nutritional benefits:

Pasta with beta glucans
muffins with beta glucans
pasta with beta glucans
muffin with beta glucans

Food applications:

Clean ingredient and easy to work with

Orafti® β-Fit blends well with customers sustainable and clean business ambitions, like non-GMO and vegan-friendly labelling. It is also produced by a dry milling process (limited water usage) and with all other nutrients from the barley being used, it comes with zero-waste.

What makes Orafti® β-Fit a pleasure to work with:

  • Soluble
  • Clean taste
  • Neutral colour
  • Thickening property
  • pH and temperature stable

Just 3 grams a day makes all the difference

People can lower their cholesterol levels by consuming 3g of beta-glucans every day. These are naturally present in cereals like oats and barley. With Orafti® β-Fit, consuming ones portion of beta-glucans becomes a lot easier for the consumer. It can be added to a wide range common foods people tend to already have in their shopping trolley, like breakfast cereals. And instead of having to eat 3 bowls of cereal to achieve their daily portion of beta-glucans, simply 15 grams Orafti® β-Fit is included into 1 bowl of cereals and the same result is achieved.


Innovate with Orafti® β-Fit

Around the globe, almost 70% of people are interested in products that can improve their heart health, even when not suffering from specific health problems.


Beta-glucan concepts

Inspiring ideas with Orafti® β-Fit offer new angles of product positioning towards consumers & market insights. They are substantiated by science and come with a regulatory guideline.

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