Clean label rice starch – Remypure.

Texture & stability in a natural way.

Naturalness and transparency are key for today’s consumers. One of their greatest concerns relates to what they don’t understand or can’t see or taste, such as GMO’s. On a global scale, references such as “no artificial ingredients”, “no preservatives” and “contains only natural ingredients” score equally high on shoppers’ wish list as core drivers such as healthfulness and taste. Clean label has moved beyond being a fad to a genuine trend.

A new technology developed by BENEO lifts the functional properties of native rice starch to performance levels competing with those of chemically modified starches. Adding to this the natural origin of rice, the creation of unique textures with excellent product stability can be formulated with one single starch. Avoiding modified or artificial ingredients, rice also withstands harsh processing conditions (low pH, high temperature, high shear). For detailed ingredient information, take a look at our Solution Finder.

Nutritional & technical benefits:

  • Natural
  • Clean label
  • High tolerance towards low pH, high temperatures and high shear
  • High product stability (shelf-life, freeze-thaw) thanks to the rice origin
  • Unique textures
  • Neutral taste
Baby food with Remypure
Sauces with Remypure
Remypure Baby Food
Baby Food
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In-depth information about Remypure:

BENEO paper Remypro rice protein

Infographic: Cleaning up diets worldwide with BENEO’s native functional rice starches

Food and drink innovation trends indicate a permanent shift towards clean labels. BENEO’s rice ingredients hold the key to unlocking the clean label opportunity.

BENEO paper Remypro rice protein

Paper: Instant native rice starch: a clean label innovation for ready meals.

BENEO’s instant native rice starch is a precooked or pregelatinised rice starch with the same functionality as modified starches.

BENEO paper Remypro rice protein

Paper: Clean label rice starch in tomato sauce.

Recipe for tomato sauce with a clean label rice starch for unique textures and excellent processing stability, using just one ingredient.

BENEO paper Remypro rice protein

Paper: Remypure, clean label rice starch in white sauces.

Recipe for white sauce with a highly versatile thickening agent, for unique textures and excellent processing stability, using just one ingredient.

BENEO factsheet remypure in dairy fruit preps
BENEO factsheet remypure in dairy fruit preps

Paper: Remypure, clean label rice starch for stable dairy fruit preparations.

Recipe and research showing improved viscosity build-up an shelf life under harsh processing conditions.

Paper: Remypure, clean texturisers for dressings and sauces.

Recipes and results about improved stability, shelf life and mouthfeel thanks to the high process stability of our label-friendly, functional native rice starch.

BENEO paper Remypro rice protein

Flyer: Creamy sauces with Remypure, clean label rice starch.

Do you want to develop a clean label BBQ sauce, or a low-fat creamy Caesar dressing? Then Remypure will be the ideal rice starch for you.

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