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galenIQTM, the Sweet Pharmaceutical Excipient

galenIQ™ is a premium pharmaceutical excipient renowned for its sweet taste and versatile functionality as a filler and binder. It stands out because of the ease of use and compatibility across various solid and liquid dosage forms, ranging from tablets and sachets to lozenges and syrups. 

Made under stringent cGMP conditions, in alignment with IPEC-PQG requirements for pharmaceutical excipients, galenIQ™ complies with the latest monographs for Isomalt in Ph. Eur., BP, USP-NF, and JP. This ensures a quality product that meets the highest industry standards. 

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A closer look at the benefits of galenIQ™

From high compressibility to bitterness reduction, galenIQ™ excels in enhancing manufacturing efficiency and patient experience. As the No. 1 choice for medicated sugar-free lozenges, it combines stability, low hygroscopicity, and a natural source, making it ideal for pharmaceuticals, supplements, and medical devices. Discover the benefits of this sweet excipient.  

galenIQ™ product range

  • galenIQTM 721
    High soluble grade with exceptional taste properties – ideal for a broad variety of applications, such as chewable tablets, sachet fillings and many more.
  • galenIQTM 720
    Slowly dissolving grade, most commonly used in lozenge tablets.
  • galenIQTM 801
    A highly soluble refined grade, ideal throughout agglomeration and granulation processes.
  • galenIQTM 800
    Water soluble refined grades, ideal throughout agglomeration and granulation processes.
  • galenIQTM 960
    Ideal diluent and starter pellet for capsule fillings.
  • galenIQTM 981
    Best choice for sugar-free pan-coatings.
  • galenIQTM 900
    Ideal for high-boiled lozenges, leading to a very stable glass matrix.

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galenIQTM: How to combine excellent taste and functionality

How to combine excellent taste and functionality?

BENEO’s sweet filler binder, galenIQ™, delivers multiple benefits: It improves tablet production, overcomes compression challenges and ensures patient compliance.

galenIQTM Brochure

galenIQTM brochure

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Medicated Lozenges with galenIQ™

Medicated Lozenges with galenIQ™

High boiled lozenges have many advantages as an oral solid dosage form. Watch this animated video and discover why galenIQ™ is the ideal choice when producing these sugar-free medicated lozenges.

Discover galenIQ™