Reduced Cholesterol Levels For Improved Heart Health

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death worldwide. Choosing to eat whole grains and fibre as part of a healthy diet, can lower the risk of CHD. The food industry can play a decisive role in helping consumers follow a healthier diet, simply by including such ingredients in their product offering and putting the informative health claims on pack.

BENEO offers Orafti ® β-Fit as a perfect ingredient for such food innovations. With its heart health claims, this wholegrain barley flour, rich in beta-glucans, can be easily added to a wide variety of applications.

Reduce blood cholesterol

beneo reduced blood cholesterol

A daily consumption of 3 g barley beta-glucans reduces blood LDL-cholesterol. Orafti® β-Fit is a wholegrain barley flour, rich in beta-glucans. Orafti ® β-Fit will bind bile acids, which are then excreted.

As those are required for fat digestion, the liver will form new bile acid from cholesterol and thereby lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

Reduce the risk for coronary heart disease

reduced risk of coronary heart disease

People suffering from high LDL-cholesterol levels in their blood, have a higher risk to develop heart problems. By reducing the LDL levels with Orafti® β-Fit in their diet plans, it offers consumers a solution to reduce their risk.

BENEO’s Orafti® β-fit Flour Earns Certification from the American Heart Association

American Heart Association Certificate

We are thrilled to announce that BENEO’s latest innovation, Orafti® β-fit, has received the esteemed certification from the American Heart Association, proudly featuring the renowned Heart-Check logo*. This recognition underlines Orafti® β-fit’s exceptional commitment to heart health, offering an innovative wholegrain barley flour with an impressive 20% content of beta-glucan. Orafti® β-fit provides our customers and consumers a delicious, nutritious and affordable option for supporting heart health. As such opening the doors to product innovation in a wide variety of applications, bringing the possibility to improve one’s heart health at every income level. Beta-glucans improve heart health by reducing cholesterol levels. This effect has been shown in a vast number of scientific studies (>60 in total) and the positive health effects of beta-glucans have been recognised by official bodies such as EFSA , FDA and other national authorities.

This certification not only solidifies BENEO’s dedication to delivering premium and heart-conscious ingredients but also assures customers of the product’s alignment with the highest standards of heart-healthy nutrition. Explore the heart-smart benefits of Orafti® β-fit as we continue to elevate our commitment to health and wellness.

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Heart-Check certification does not apply to scientific information unless expressly stated. Visit for more information on heart-healthy living, to learn more about the American Heart Association’s Food Certification Program and view a list of currently certified products.

Consumers view on Heart Health and how to influence

BENEO is interested in what consumers think about heart health, how much it concerns them in relation to their overall health, and how they believe they can influence the status of their own hearts’ condition. To find out, we ran a video research (2022) in the US, Australia and Spain.

In general, people have some concern about hearth health and know the key to positively influence its status is through regular physical exercise and keeping a healthy diet in general. As such they believe this can avoid stress and improve their mental wellbeing. Although there is still some education to do about the ways to influence one’s heart condition with smart food choices, the general public knows it can help with avoiding these two major issues:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol

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