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Energise With Active Nutrition

Sport infuses the lives of consumers everywhere, this increases the demand for energy providing foods and drinks in active nutrition. Half of active consumers globally say they usually choose products to improve their level of energy, and in Asia, this number is even higher (>60%). Besides coffee and fruits, products they turn to are sports or energy bars, and protein or sports drinks. With a healthy diet being the key focus point in making their decisions, the need for more nutritional solutions is high.

Sports and healthy eating go hand in hand, as one is the fuel for the other. But there is a difference in the needs of an athlete to those of an active consumer. Hard-core athletes often look for that extra push to reach their goals, while active consumers mostly benefit from energy in a balanced way. Even though their demands are different, products with functional ingredients are the answer to both.

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Consumers choose food and beverages to improve:

Reasons for buying energy related products

What do consumers look for in active nutrition?


Goal: become a champion

  • It’s all about endurance
  • Maximise performance
  • Sustained energy
  • Balanced blood sugar level
  • Fast recovery
Athlete winner

Active consumer

Goal: feel good, look good

  • Long term health
  • Improve performance
  • Sustained energy
  • Fat burning and body firming
  • Concerned about unhealthy carbs and sugars
Active consumer biking

The right carb is your champion

35% of Asians use energy products to recover after sports

35% of Asians use energy products to recover after sports

As an athlete, every ounce of energy counts towards that extra mile. The number one ingredient to fuel an active body? Carbohydrates! So, make them work! Palatinose™ releases its energy in a more sustained way, making it an ingredient for champions.
With carbohydrates being the prime energy source, athletes make sure to use them in the most optimised way. When this fuel is steadily used, it gives the possibility to push the body even further. Hence the need for sports nutrition before and during an event. Palatinose™ is a smart carb that helps maintain a low blood sugar level, promoting fat oxidation for an extra energy source in addition to glycogen storages.

But not only is it important to find fuel during activities, recovery needs to be as fast as possible. The right ingredients can help to quickly recharge the body to keep pushing itself every time, giving athletes that winning edge.

Putting healthful energy solutions on the table

61% of Asian consumers look at ingredient lists when shopping

Not only professionals are on the hunt for healthy foods and drinks. Consumers in general are becoming more and more health-aware. They read up on ingredients and make more mindful choices when looking at food labels. Plant-based alternatives are usually perceived as more healthy for body and planet. 45% of performance athletes want to improve their digestive health.

Here lies an undeniable opportunity for food suppliers to make ingredient lists as clear and healthy as possible. BENEO’s functional fibres, Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose are derived from chicory root and contribute to digestive health and can support weight management.

Being active: it’s a thing

Most Asians exercise multiple times per week, team sports like football are most popular. Walking and running are known to be popular activities worldwide. 85% of Asians say they frequently rely on food or drinks that help them boost their energy.
But some consumers go beyond being active. These weekend warriors set competitive challenges to run a (half) marathon for example. And when endurance plays a big role, this is exactly where smart ingredients fit in. Palatinose™ gives more sustained energy than easy digestible fast carbohydrates, making it possible to run, bike or walk that little bit longer.

The right carb is your champion

Consumers choose these products in active nutrition

Energy drinks versus sports drinks

42% of consumers in South Asia use sports or energy drinks

42% of consumers in South Asia use sports or energy drinks

Energy drinks and sport drinks are up for debate. As energy drinks often come with a more than fair share of added sugars or additives, they don’t have the best reputation in people’s minds. Strong consumer concerns to take into account are the risk of diabetes and blood sugar levels rising. In contrast to this are the sports drinks that are better perceived in that matter.

With 65% of Asian consumers actively paying attention to their sugar intake, this presents opportunities for product development with better sugar solutions. Palatinose™ is a slow-release carbohydrate sourced from the sugar beet. It promises a mild, natural sweetness for the creation of refreshing sports drinks that give a sustained energy boost.

The health crisis offers opportunities for new product development

83% of Asians are more concerned about their health since the pandemic

83% of Asians are more concerned about their health since the pandemic

The COVID-19 global health crisis has a major impact on consumers’ concerns about health and immunity. Asian consumers are more concerned about their health than ever before. They try to take more steps to improve their health with good foods and drinks. It is expected that even post pandemic, this global impact is here to stay as most consumers say they will keep focussing on healthier eating and drinking in the future.

With health being top of mind, consumers nowadays are more informed about ingredients and benefits; they are very much aware that there are better choices to be made. Since the pandemic outbreak, as much as 4 in 5 Asian consumers are willing to pay more attention to nutritional benefits when buying foods and drinks.
Claims that involve sugar reduction or increased fibre intake are among the most convincing claims in consumers’ minds. BENEO’s functional carbohydrates and fibres are the best answer to give them. Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose are prebiotic fibres that help to improve digestive health and support inner well-being.

Good carbs, great impact on active nutrition

In the active nutrition segment, protein is still the number one focus for athletes and sporty people. But the games aren’t won with protein alone. Your carb choice is the game changer to consider more seriously! Using the right carbohydrates can make all the difference for foods and beverages that give an extra boost in performance.

Palatinose™ is a unique carbohydrate that

  • Is slowly & completely digested
  • Supplies steady & sustained energy
  • Promotes fat oxidation

What are the advantages for Palatinose™ in active nutrition?

  • Fuel for fitness and performance: sustained energy
  • Energy and fat oxidation thanks to lower blood glucose and insulin levels
  • Using fuel in the most efficient way for a winning performance

In-depth information

Peak up your day with a crunchy biscotti

Peak up your day with a crunchy biscotti

These extra crispy twice-baked cookies are formulated to provide bite after bite of energy while supporting digestive health.

Inspiring concepts about active nutrition

concept healthier carbs, healthier living

Power through your mornings

Kick start the day the right way with a power blend of Palatinose™ and protein for lasting energy.



Revive body and mind with a refreshing and tasty jelly, formulated with Palatinose™. A gentle impact for a healthy lifestyle.

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