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Healthier Snacking With Naturally Sourced Ingredients

This page was created in 2017, the facts and figures shown on this page might not be the most recent market data.

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Today, anything can be considered a snack and consumers snack around the clock. Although taste is important, people are increasingly aware and mindful of what they eat.

With one in five consumers wanting snacks with health benefits, such products are amongst the biggest rising stars in the food industry. This healthy eating hype has become a genuine trend that was picked up by all generations, from Baby Boomers to the Millennials.

Snacks are often solely associated with indulgence, so it is up to the food industry to rebut consumers’ prejudices, because choosing healthier alternatives should not require making compromises on taste and enjoyment. BENEO can help to optimise the snack recipes with the technical and physiological qualities of our fibres, carbohydrates, rice starches and textured wheat protein; bringing a tasty and healthier grab-and-go solution within easy reach.

Smarter energy snacks for athletes and amateur sportsmen

Energising snacks and claims are amongst the top 10 key trends for 2017; the international market research company Innova counted a 17% increase of products with snack messages in the sports nutrition segment. A sporty lifestyle is on trend and especially youngsters aspire such an image while trying to cope with a busy life. For example, in Thailand, Brazil and Russia, one in two 18 to 24 year olds tops up energy levels by snacking.

A smart way they could obtain healthier and sustained energy is with the carbohydrate power of Palatinose™ which can be tailored to fit the needs of the athlete, hobby athlete and lifestyle user. It is smart because it keeps the blood glucose levels lower and steadier than the sugars usually found in energy drinks. It is suitable for all kinds of beverages, in which it improves stability, body and mouthfeel.

As a consequence of the sports trend, also protein sales are booming. In the cereal segment, protein claims increased by over 20% in 2017. Next to carbohydrates, they are another well-known and essential source of energy. BENEO’s rice protein and vital wheat gluten are ideally suited for granola, cereal and energy bars as well as fortified bread snacks.

Cheese: the phoenix of the snacking aisle

Worldwide, consumer interest in cheese is increasing. Not just as a source of calcium and proteins with a low lactose content, but because it can be a tasty treat. And with 40% of consumers snacking as a form of relaxation, it is an obvious outcome that brands are investing in cheese snacks. In the U.S. and Argentina, Nielsen statistics show cheese is one of the hottest items on consumers’ snacking list.

Where many such snacks are processed for a cheese dip or shaped to meet the imagination of the younger consumer, BENEO offers different solutions. With our rice ingredients, the texture and creaminess of the product can be improved and when desired, the casein can be replaced for a vegan option. With Orafti® prebiotic fibres, the calorie count and fat levels can be reduced without any significant or noticeable impact on taste and texture – promoting an even healthier and still delicious cheesy treat.

Will breakfast extend to or make way for snacks?

All consumers snack, but where the seniors amongst them don’t see it as particularly healthy, for the younger generation it has become an acceptable or even desired part of life. In fact, many tend to have a morning snack about three times a week; either as meal substitute or simply as part of daily routine.

From the top 10 global snack segments, two stand out as strong contenders for breakfast replacers: yoghurt and breakfast/energy bars. As the third most favourite, yoghurt has conquered the world with its naturally healthy appeal and creamy taste. Also, breakfast and energy bars remain opportune, especially in the U.S., where nearly 40% of Americans snack on them.

With the prebiotic fibres from BENEO, consumers can spoon up a luscious yoghurt with a reduced fat level or munch on a tasty sugar-reduced cereal bar. They will start their day just that little bit healthier thanks to this fibre top up, because digestive health matters to many of them. With a stunning 77% consumer interest in the beneficial effects of dietary fibre, you’ll want this in your snack product!

Biscuits, candy, chocolates… tasty snacks can be responsible, too!

Biscuits are the number two snack worldwide and as much as 43% of us choose chocolate as our guilty pleasure. With another 25% of us regularly opting for confectionery, it is hard to believe consumers are at all concerned about their health. Yet at BENEO, we beg to differ. The modern consumer closely follows up on what he/she eats (50% of West-Europeans read their food ingredient label). The majority of us is willing to pay more for food with health benefits (e.g. 81% of Baby Boomers and 67% of Millennials) and as reflected in the boom in digital devices, such as fitbits (already every one in three Millennials has one), health plays an all-important part in everything we do in life – from eating to exercising.

With sugar being criticised in the news on a global scale, the 68% of Western Europeans that worry about sugar content in their kids food offers an interesting target group for healthy innovations in the snack segment. As a matter of fact, replacing sugar is child’s play with BENEO’s fibres, Palatinose™ and Isomalt. Whilst making your snacks just that little bit healthier, they keep the tasty pleasure guaranteed. Our ingredients help to formulate naturally and mildly sweet bakery products with an extra crunchy bite or a creamy mouthful as well as non-cariogenic hard or chewy candy, soft fudges, refreshing sugar-free chewing gum and indulgent chocolates.

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