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Sustainable And Good For Animals’ Health

Farmers and breeders nowadays generally expect a higher nutritional quality from their feed products. An example of this is the use of vegetal sources of protein, which is good for animals’ health and at the same time more sustainable.

Pet owners ultimately have the well-being of their four-legged, winged or finned friends in mind. They expect pet food to suit their animal’s individual needs to be sound and healthy.

Nutritional benefits for animal food

Nutritional benefits for:

Enabling advanced animal nutrition

With specialty ingredients such as prebiotic fibres, digestible carbohydrates and vegetable proteins, BENEO enables animal nutrition products that meet the various expectations of animal keepers. Our products from natural sources help to improve the well-being of all kinds of animals. This way, they also contribute to consumer safety, for instance, by reducing the use of “in feed” antibiotics in livestock.

Some of the animals our ingredients cater for:

As many of BENEO’s animal nutritional ingredients are produced in human food plants with state-of-the-art facilities and multiple certifications, they meet the highest safety standards. This in turn ensures the maximum quality of your final feed products.

Expertise for your product success

Our experience in the field of animal nutrition will give you relevant competitive advantages when it comes to developing successful animal nutrition products. Through support in formulation and application technology, our expertise in animal physiology as well as advice on legislation we help animal nutrition manufacturers to optimise their time to market.

  • Improved gut microbiota and digestive health
  • Higher mineral absorption
  • Supported mucosal immune system
  • Weight control in pets
  • High palatable
  • Balanced glycaemic response (more slowly released sugars)
  • Prolonged energy supply
  • Clean label
  • Highly digestible and hypo-allergenic
  • Favourabel amino acid profile
  • High-quality filler-binder
  • Sustainable and rich source of vegetal protein
  • Balanced amino acid profile
  • Excellent digestibility and composition
  • Superb binder for optimised feed production

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