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Create Future Proof Recipes With Faba Bean Protein

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Are you looking to prepare for a more conscious future? Let’s do it with people’s health as well as animal and planet welfare in mind.  

Consumer awareness is growing, and people are becoming more conscious of the impact their choices have on the planet. In addition, the changing situations for farmers, including EU policies on nitrogen, are making it hard for dairy and egg/chicken farmers to keep up. To stay in the running, farmers are steering away from battery caged chickens as much as possible, potentially making eggs less readily available in the long run. The combination of more demanding consumer needs and governmental policy pressures could ultimately have a severe impact on milk and egg production. As such having an impact on the supply of these raw materials, making their prices more unstable for the food industry and their product developers.  

Future-proof your business and make a difference with informed choices. By reducing or replacing eggs and/or milk in your application formulation, you can contribute to a more sustainable future as well as secure more cost-effective end products. A triple win: for your business, the consumer and the planet!  

Consumers looking for plant-based solutions


On a global scale, people are turning ever more frequently towards vegetarian or vegan alternatives, like dairy-free, meat-free and egg-free. As consumers take increasingly more care of their health, they find plant-based eating supports them in this goal. Where in the past, for example, lactose intolerance was a rare challenge for people to face, these days the percentage of people with reduced abilities to digest lactose has grown exponentially and will continue to do so.   

animal welfare

Besides their own health, also caring for the planet and its animals is an important motivator for people to reduce their animal protein (dairy, eggs, meat) consumption. Animal welfare and consumer concern on how they are treated while serving as our food providers is globally gaining importance at a rapid pace.  

The ongoing discussions on stricter legislations in Europe for egg production demands a fresh approach in food development. While the use of conventional battery cages has been banned since 2012, a new era of heightened animal welfare and sustainability is right around the corner.  Regulation for egg production might become more strict in 2027, which most likely will lead to higher ingredient prices. Almost 42% of consumers worldwide feel the impact of the inflation; as a result, they change their shopping behaviour. An opportunity for the food business here to offer stable consumer prices by tackling their product base cost. The unavoidable impact on egg costs therefore requires a re-evaluation of your ingredient list. Our solution is a plant-based one: Faba bean protein—an innovation crafted to not only meet the new standards but to surpass them. Future-proof your recipes by both complying with (future) legislation and by anticipating the expected rising tide of ingredient costs. BENEO’s faba bean ingredients allow for full or partial egg-replacement and will do this in a more cost-efficient way.  


Reduce or replace eggs in bakery products: a cost-effective step to take

Serve up a tasty vegan muffin by replacing eggs with faba bean – a smart way for cost-reduction and meeting continuous plant-based needs! This solution gives great texture and taste. As egg prices continue to fluctuate, our recipe ensures your creations remain deliciously affordable. Download the paper to find market insights, the key benefits of faba bean protein and the full recipe.  

Calculate your cost reduction with faba bean protein

Learn how much cost savings are possible in your recipes by replacing or reducing eggs with faba bean protein. Use this calculator with your ingredient costs to see your savings for an egg-free muffin, an egg-free meringue or egg reduction in pound cake.

Calculate your cost reduction with faba bean protein

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    Go for faba bean ingredients for your next product innovation

    Are you ready to embrace dairy-free alternatives in your next product innovation? Let us present the many benefits of our sustainable faba bean ingredients. 

    In the past, the dairy-free market was dominated by soja or peas, but a big shift has been noticed lately towards faba bean. Why should you consider using faba beans over other plant products like soy and pea in your applications? Because the benefits are overwhelming!  

    faba bean ingredients
    • They provide great solubility and emulsification while having a mild off-taste.  
    • It’s a sustainable and novel ingredient that has great flexibility and can be used in many different applications.  
    • Farmers enjoy using them as they can easily be fit in many different crop rotations and are also easy to harvest. 
    • They are high in protein and have great amino acid profile that is complementary with BENEO’s rice and wheat ingredients.

    Information on sustainable faba beans solutions

    Plant-based ingredients for bakery

    Looking for affordable egg replacement in bakery products with plant-based ingredients? BENEO’s faba bean ingredients can replace part or the total amount of eggs in a clean-label or sustainable way.

    Nature's best rice and faba bean plant drink

    A plant-based and dairy alternative that can satisfy those sweet chocolate cravings? With BENEO’s cocoa bar recipe it’s possible to deliver on smooth mouthfeel, even without dairy!

    Plant-based protein, the consumer view

    Let our experts walk you through the technical and physiological benefits of our ingredients, market insights, consumer concepts and recipes based on top-level food engineering.

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