Savoury ingredients for food – fat-reduced, creamy and natural.

Convenience and health are not naturally associated with wholesome, balanced or natural meals. In the savoury segment the number of free-from and all-natural claims has picked up. The wide appeal of plant-based formulations is due to its more healthful image. Over 60% of consumers worldwide say the impact of their food on health and wellbeing always influences their purchasing behaviour.

BENEO’s natural, functional ingredients offer endless opportunities for new and good recipes. Formulate gluten-free pizzas, fibre-rich noodles, fat- or sugar-reduced sauces or vegan burgers with a juicy bite. Enhance processing, acid or thaw stability in soups and sauces and improve yield on meat preparations.

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Batters and breadings     Emulsified meat     Meat alternatives     Sauces     Soups     Tumbled or injected meat

Batters and breadings.

  • Improve crispiness of your shrimp and chicken nuggets or croquettes by using rice flour and starches in the batter or coating.
  • Rice starch improves adhesion of batters and predusters.

Emulsified meat.

  • Reduce fat and enhance creaminess and overall mouthfeel in emulsified meat such as liver pâtés, salami and frankfurter sausages with Orafti® Inulin, a good source of prebiotic fibre.
  • Native rice starch and flour help maintain and bring out flavour and act as a natural texturiser in full-fat and reduced-fat sausages and pâté.

In-depth information about emulsified meat.

Paper: Fat-reduced pâté with rice starch and fibres.

Recipe and consumer insights about fat reduction with naturally-sourced texturizing ingredients, promoting a smooth and rich mouthfeel.

Paper: Fat-reduced Frankfurter sausages with Inulin.

Recipe and insights about a delicious snack with less fat but excellent full, juicy taste and texture.

Recipe: Fat-reduced liver pâté with rice starch and fibres.

Rice starch and chicory root fibres are ideal texturising agents in fat reduced products because of their full mouthfeel.

Meat alternatives.

  • Create tasty & satiating vegetarian products such as burgers, nuggets & sausages with BENEOPro W-Tex in combination with Orafti® Inulin or rice starch.
  • After hydration, our textured wheat protein, BENEOPro W-Tex forms a fibrous and spongy matrix, very similar to that of ground (minced) meat in terms of chewiness & texture and can therefore be used as meat alternative. It is an excellent source of protein and allows for simple, transparent ingredient labels.
  • Our precooked rice starch is suitable for cold-water binding and easy shaping of vegetarian burgers or nuggets.
  • Orafti® Inulin can be used as a source of fibre in veggie products such as pasta sauce and burgers.

In-depth information about meat alternatives.

Recipe: Low-fat veggie burgers with wheat protein and clean label rice starch.

The plant power of textured wheat protein and rice starch combined in one satiating meat-free burger.

Paper: Veggie burger with BENEO Pro W-Tex.

Harness the strength of plant power with textured wheat protein: for meat-free recipes that look, cook and taste like the real deal.

Video about meat alternatives.

Video: How to prepare white sausages with Textured Wheat Gluten

Make vegetarian white sausages with Textured Wheat Protein.

Meet-free solutions are taking the stage. Discover how to develop vegetarian white sausages with BeneoPro W-Tex.


  • Improve mouthfeel of sugar-reduced sauces like oyster sauce with Orafti® Inulin, while increasing fibre content.
  • Our native rice starch Remypure can be used as clean label texturiser to create soft and creamy textures and to add gloss to your sauces and dressings. It is a highly stable ingredient that withstands extreme process conditions such as high shear, high temperature & low pH and has a good freeze-thaw stability.
  • Reduce fat in ranches and dips with clean label rice starch while safeguarding a full, rich flavour.
  • Palatinose™ can be adopted as a sugar replacer in sauces such as ketchup to help reduce blood sugar response.

In-depth information about sauces.

Recipe: Clean label ketchup with native rice starch.

Clean label recipe for creamy tomato ketchup with excellent process stability.

Paper: Creamy sauces with Remypure, clean label rice starch.

Do you want to develop a clean label BBQ sauce, or a low-fat creamy Caesar dressing? Remypure is then the ideal rice starch.

Recipe: Retorted tomato sauce with native rice starch.

Master the toughest processing conditions without compromising texture: recipe for tomato sauce with clean label rice starch.

BENEO Paper - Clean label rice starch in tomato sauce.

Paper: Clean label rice starch in tomato sauce.

Recipe for tomato sauce with a clean label rice starch for unique textures and excellent processing stability, using just one ingredient.

Recipe: Oyster sauce with Orafti® Inulin.

High-fibre, sugar-reduced oyster sauce.

Paper: Remypure, clean label rice starch in white sauces.

Recipe for white sauce with a highly versatile thickening agent, for unique textures and excellent processing stability, using just one ingredient.

Webinar about Remypure, clean-label rice starch.

Remypure, clean-label rice starch.

Expert webinar: Remypure, clean-label rice starch.

Let our experts walk you through the technical and physiological benefits of our ingredients, market insights, consumer concepts and recipes based on top-level food engineering.


  • Make creamy, thick soups and instant soups with extra fibre with Orafti® Inulin.
  • Our rice starch is a highly stable texturiser that can be applied to add creaminess, body and gloss to soup. It is a highly stable ingredient that withstands process, acid and freeze-thaw stability. Organic rice starch available.
  • Palatinose™ adds a mild sweetness and supports reduced blood glucose levels and sustained energy in (instant) soups.

Tumbled or injected meat.

  • Our waxy and clean label rice starch dispose of a number of features benefitting the taste, texture and colour of tumbled or injected chicken, ham,… Its functional properties improve cooking and hence total yield and make it easier to produce juicier chicken and ham fillets with a bigger margin.

In-depth information about tumbled or injected meat.

Paper: Increase yield on chicken breast processing with rice starch.

Cost calculator and insights on starch efficiency: small on granule size, big on profitability! Clean label formulations for tumbled and injected chicken filets.

Webinar about Rice starch, more yield on meat processing.


Expert webinar: Rice starch, more yield on meat processing.

Let our experts walk you through the technical and physiological benefits of our ingredients, market insights, consumer concepts and recipes based on top-level food engineering.