Natural Ingredients For Improved Processing In Ruminant Feed

As much as 22.5 % of global compound feed production is intended for ruminants. This makes it the third most important feed sector worldwide. Whether it concerns mash, pellet or TMR (total mixed ration), modern feed needs to live up to many requirements, such as accelerated production, genetic growth potential of dairy cows, rising demand for free-from GMO and more natural ingredients.

BeneoCarb S is a pure functional syrup that consists virtually exclusively of sugars, which add a sweet taste to the diet and can stimulate total feed intake. Research shows that BeneoCarb S attracts dairy cows more often to the milking robot. Thanks to its low viscosity it can be easily applied to various types of feed.

Also discover the nutritional benefits of our functional carbohydrate BeneoCarb S: for fast-growing, maturing calves, an ideal energy source would be a balanced diet with high-quality ingredients, promoting optimal growth and health.

Technological benefits of BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses)

BeneoCarb S (isomaltulose molasses)
  • Improved organoleptic profile
  • Attractant to the milking robot
  • Good pelletising aid
  • Anti-oxidative properties (feed protection)
  • Reducing sugars undergoing Maillard reactions with amino acids (by-pass proteins)
  • Well-incorporated dust binder without being too sticky at feed surface (all-mash)

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